Clearing 2020 – finding the right accommodation for you

By on August 13th, 2020

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Clearing 2020 – finding the right accommodation for you

University clearing will be busier than ever this year. School leavers whose gap year plans have been disrupted by Covid-19 will be among those who choose to bypass the main application scheme in favour of searching for a course through clearing.

The pandemic also means that results have been decided on the basis of predicted grades – with any given school or college’s results in previous years also factored in. It’s not clear what impact, if any, this will have on the clearing process. But it’s certainly a busy time and Covid-19 means even the best laid plans can be subject to change.

Get the best space for you

  • Be proactive – visit websites, pick up the phone, don’t leave it too late. There are rooms available and you want the best you can find.
  • Location is key. Pick accommodation that is located near to the university and in the heart of the city / town.
  • What’s included? Make sure you understand what you get for the price. At Downing Students everything is included so no hidden costs or surprises.
  • Make sure your accommodation agreement is flexible. You don’t want to be penalised if circumstances beyond your control change.
  • Go for an experienced, reputable provider. This will mean you’re more likely to end up with a safe, pleasant, fit-for-purpose living space which has been specifically chosen for its proximity to transport links, university campuses, and city centres.
  • Managed accommodation has many features that students living away from home for the first time appreciate. That means pastoral and practical care, on everything from blocked drains and panic attacks to stolen milk. At Downing Students we have experienced management teams and on-site Hall of Residence managers. They are accessible and understand the pressures young, inexperienced adults face, living away from home.

getting ready

  • If there’s a virtual tour, take it. This will help you get a feel for your new living space and allow you to consider things like the bedrooms, communal areas, and bathroom facilities.
  • You can still plan to be social. Building relationships is an important part of getting established and comfortable. Take part in virtual meet-ups and activities. At Downing Students, we are offering digital engagement for student residents such as online yoga classes. This is a great way to help create online communities and students are able to get to know each other and feel connected – even if they’re not always meeting face to face.
  • Get excited. Uni sorted. Accommodation sorted. Now get ready for best time of your life.

the downing students flexi-book

Downing Students has introduced a new Flexi-Book cancellation policy. You will be able to cancel:

  • If your courses are moved entirely online or cancelled.
  • If you cannot get to the UK due to government travel restrictions.
  • If you have missed out on a university place because you did not meet English language requirements.

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