Live with your friends at a Downing Students property and save up to £200 each!


You can easily complete a group booking online, choose your flatmates and live with your friends.
Book a room at the same time as at least three of your friends and save £££ with our group booking discount.

If you want to book as a group in a shared apartment, but can’t fill the full flat – don’t worry. We will advertise the remaining rooms in the flat and do our best to place students who are in the same year group.

If you would like to book with a smaller group of friends then you can still save with our refer a friend discount.

How to book as a group

  • To book as a group there needs to be a ‘lead e-mail’ address which is included on each individual application
  • Please include ‘Group’ in the promo code box on the application form
  • Each student within the group booking has a separate tenancy agreement so all group members need to complete the following steps
  1. Visit the booking page and select ‘New User’ to create your account
  2. Once you have created your account you will receive an Activation email with a link – check your emails and click the link to activate your Downing Students account.  Log in to your Downing Students account and follow the instructions to complete your application
  3. When you log on, please tick ‘Select this option if you require to make a booking as part of a group’ and enter the email address of your group leader
  4. Please complete the rest of the form with your personal information
  5. To complete your online application each group member will need to pay a deposit of £250 using a credit or debit card.

Once you have paid the deposit – do not leave the page as you will need to SUBMIT the application.  Your Offer of Accommodation will be sent to you by email. The group needs to confirm and accept the offer within 48 hours.

If you have any questions you can call Downing Students 0151 707 2666 or email


*Terms and Conditions

  1. Only applicable at the sites listed below:
  • City Village, Coventry
  • City Point, Coventry
  • River Street Tower, Manchester
  • Holbrook, London
  • West Village, Glasgow
  • Verde, Newcastle

2. Offer applies when at least 4 friends use the same ‘lead email’ address at the point of booking and complete their tenancy agreement.

3. Does not apply to bookings made through third party agents or nominations agreements.

4. Discount applied to last rent instalment

5. A discount of £150 applies to 44-week tenancies and £200 each on 51-week tenancies



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