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Book as a group, with a minimum of 3 people, and get £300 each.

Book as a group and get £300 each. To qualify for the incentive the following will apply:

  1. An individual must book with a group and share a flat with a minimum of three bedrooms.
  2. The booking must be for a minimum of 39 week tenancy period.
  3. Customers will only qualify for the £300 credit if all members of the group have completed their tenancy agreements for 2021/22 academic year and the booking status is complete for all.
  4. To book as a group you must login to the residents portal and complete an application. You just have a lead tenant to process the group booking.
  5. The £300 will be credited to the customers’ final payment as per the tenancy agreement, providing there are no arrears on the group account. Where the account has been paid in full (rather than instalments), payment will be made after May 1st.
  6. This promotion only applies to bookings made directly with Downing Students.  The offer will not apply for referrals booking through a third party e.g. a booking agent.  It excludes any bookings made directly through universities or higher education institutions.
  7. This promotion is available to both new and existing customers who look to book for 2021/22 academic year.
  8. The group booking promotion is not available for students living at Myrtle Street, The Lyra, Atlas, The Kingfisher, The View, City Side, City Club.  This offer is not available on Vega shared apartments including 3dio affordable rooms.

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