Book a standard en-suite room in The Kingfisher for the next academic year.

use promo code

Use promo code ‘DBF150’ on your application.

enjoy your offer

Cashback will be applied to your booking. Laundry cards will be presented at check-in.


To qualify the following must apply:

  • Be up to date with all rent payments as outlined on your tenancy agreement
  • Tenancy start date must be in September 2024
  • You must be studying at higher / further education institution and have full time student status
  • Tenancy must be accepted by 31st July 2024

Providing all terms are complied with, cashback will be applied to the second rent payment. Alternatively, it will be deducted on the first payment if paying in full. Laundry cards will be presented at check in.

Please ensure you state either ‘DBF150‘ for 51 week tenancies as the promotional code on your application.


This offer can be used in conjunction with refer a friend or group booking offers

The offer will be void if you are released from the Tenancy Agreement, cancel your agreement or re-let for whatever reason, prior to the commencement date or duration of tenancy agreement.
We reserve the right to withdraw, modify or substitute the offer for another with different terms and without any notice.

To view our terms and conditions regarding making a booking or our relet policy please click here.

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