12 Reasons to Study in Cambridge

1. The Beautiful Surroundings

Cambridge is perhaps most adored for its picturesque streets; the pretty gardens; the calming, welcoming atmosphere and the way it gets the blend between city life and being at one with nature. Students who study in Cambridge report some of the highest satisfaction rates in the country, and we think the breathtaking architecture and uplifting greenery might just have something to do with it.

2. It’s the Best Place for Punting

As home to the River Cam, Cambridge is the place where punting was born, and It’s survived to this very day thanks to the unique experience and quintessentially ‘British’ vibes. When one is in Cambridge, they can’t help but be fascinated by this niche sport and want to give it a go; whether they choose to be chauffeured in luxury or hire a boat themselves.
When being traditional looks this cool, who wouldn’t want to live in Cambridge?

3. A Rich Tapestry of Arts & Culture

Cambridge is absolutely choc-full of museums, galleries and theatres to intrigue and inspire you. From modern exhibitions and productions, to artistic and literary greats, you’ll be sure to get your fill of the arts, both contemporary and classic.

Many galleries offer free or reduced entry for students and the city’s theatres offer exclusive memberships that get you more than your money’s worth throughout the year. So there’ll never be an excuse for a dull Friday night.

4. It’s Steeped in History

Dwelling in Cambridge gives you ample chance to soak up the rich culture and history this magnificent city has to offer, all of which boast stories of Cambridge’s exciting past.

Whether you choose to wander round every museum or take one of the many historic walking tours available, you’re sure to learn fascinating things about the city’s growth to fame and feel part of a legendary tribe.

5. It Paved the Way for Some of the Greatest Names in History

Charles Darwin, John Milton, Stephen Hawking…hello?! Cambridge alumni list features some of the most world’s most iconic names, as well as hundreds of pop culture greats including John Cleese, David Attenborough, Hugh Laurie and Sacha Baren Cohen.

If you choose to study in Cambridge, you’ll know you’ll be in good company, and more excitingly, you’ll be likely walking many of the same paths these awesome people once did. Cool much?

6. It’s Conveniently Close to London

By not living in the centre of London, you won’t have the worry about the expense and the stressful crowds or tube network. However, with London being little over an hour from Cambridge by car or train, you’ll be conveniently placed to take a day trip to the big city any time.

7. It has a Low Crime Rate

In comparison to many other student cities, Cambridge’s crime rates are among the lowest, ranking 9th out of 103 universities in a study by The Complete University Guide. The city is clean, and vandalism, theft and drug-use aren’t high on the menu.

8. You Get to Meet a Vast Array of People

Because Cambridge is such a famous place in which to work and study, you’re sure to meet a wide array of students from all over the world and many different walks of life. It’s this diverse and eclectic community that helps students in Cambridge get more out of their university experience, gaining new insight into other cultures and ways of living.

9. It’s Full of Opportunities and Growth

Cambridge is a city dedicated not just to academic learning and development, but also to artistic creativity and personal growth. Graduates of Cambridge are among the most employable and sought-after in the country, thanks to the city’s worldwide reputation for excellence and solidarity.

10. It has a Buzzing Music Scene

Contrary to popular assumptions, Cambridge does have a music scene – a thriving one at that. Its main venues may be small in number – Cambridge Corn Exchange; Mumford Theatre and Cambridge Junction – but they are mighty in scope. The venues draw in a vast variety of major bands and artists every year, and the Cambridge Rock Festival (now in its second decade) provides the opportunity to see huge names and catch the best emerging talent the industry has to offer.

12. Everybody Cycles

Could anything be better than a city where almost everybody cycles? Not only is the air much cleaner thanks to there being fewer cars on the road, it also makes the streets much safer for everybody.

Using your bike to get around is also a great way to burn extra calories throughout your day and is a much more cost-effective mode of transport than taking the bus.

13. The Amazing Architecture

Simply glance upwards from anywhere in Cambridge and you’ll be impressed at the towers, spires and sculptures of the city’s phenomenal buildings. With beauties like King’s College Chapel, St Peter’s Church, Round Church and the Ely Cathedral, it’s absolutely impossible to feel inspired at any given moment.

And in winter, you’ll get to feel like you’re walking in a Harry Potter movie.