Tips for Keeping Warm this Winter – The Railyard Team

With winter well and truly upon on us in Cambridge, The Railyard team have been thinking of cost-effective ways to help you keep warm during the chilly winter months ahead! So, from the comfort of your warm cosy bedroom, read on for our top 10 tips…

1. Make a Hearty Breakfast

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it kick-starts your metabolism and gives you energy. Porridge is a great nutritious breakfast and there are so many ways you can make it interesting by adding your favourite toppings (try honey, fruit and jam). Have your porridge with a hot cup of tea or coffee for an inexpensive yet warming breakfast.

2. Buy a Onesie

With Primark just a 5-minute walk from ARU, it is the perfect place to grab a warm and fluffy winter onesie. The sillier the onesie is, the better as far as we are concerned! Prices start from just £10.

3. Hot Chocolate


Hot chocolate is one of our favourites here at The Railyard office and with Pret, Costa and Nero all within walking distance, we find it is a great way to warm up on a cold day. You could even buy some cream and marshmallows and make your own in the comfort of your flat.

4. Exercise

After chilling out in your onesie and drinking hot chocolate (by the gallon in our case) a bit of exercise is also a great way to warm up. Make use of our brand new gym or get wrapped up nice and warm and go for a walk in the city centre.

5. Wear Layers

When you eventually have to leave your warm room and go outside, make sure you wrap up in lots of layers. Several layers will keep you warmer than wearing just one chunky layer… (Tip: Cotton and wool fibres help to maintain body heat)

6. Buy a Hot Water Bottle


Long gone are the days where you associate hot water bottles with the older generation. These little pouches of warmth are cheap to buy and provide instant heat. Just make sure the lid is done up tightly!

7. Get Baking

Baking is a great way to rustle up some warm festive treats! With Christmas just around the corner, why not have a Christmas inspired bake-off with your friends, we are thinking mince pies and chocolate yule logs!

8. Buy a Hat

We know that they aren’t for everyone and for some of us they will ruin the hours we have spent doing our hair… but, they really are a perfect way to help you feel warmer when out and about during winter. Why not co-ordinate your hat with a matching scarf and glove set to complete your winter look!

9. Come and See Us at Reception

Every day, The Railyard team are giving away tea and coffee to all of our students before heading out to University! Keep a look out on our Facebook page and join our Facebook group for other hot treats to come in the build-up to Christmas.


After a long day at Uni and once you are home in your onesie, drinking hot chocolate with a hot water bottle on your lap, log onto Resident Login to book your accommodation for next year!