New Park - Edinburgh

Shared Apartments Tariff - 2020/21


  • If the first instalment date has already passed the payment will be taken straight away
  • You will be required to pay a Holding Deposit of £100 for bookings during the academic year.  Please see our terms and conditions at
  • Once your have completed the Tenancy Agreement the Holding Deposit will be offset against your final rent payment.  If you don’t complete the Tenancy Agreement the Holding Deposit will be retained by Downing Student in lieu of costs incurred
  • All UK students are required to provide a guarantor, who is based in the UK (usually a parent or guardian) to guarantee the terms and conditions of the tenancy. See ‘UK STUDENTS WITH A UK GUARANTOR’
  • International students who cannot provide a UK based guarantor please see ‘INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS WITHOUT A UK GUARANTOR’
  • All rents are inclusive of light, heat, water, broadband.  Free contents insurance is provided
  • You will be required to provide proof of your full time student status. Please refer to the FAQ’s on our website
  • Payments shown ‘In Full’ are inclusive of a 1.5% discount and apply to academic year tenancies only
  • All payments shown on this tariff sheet are inclusive of all discounts on offer with the exception of promotional code offers
  • Prices are subject to change
  • You will be required to pay a deposit of £60 if you are booking for just the summer period.


  • The tenancy agreements have been completed by the tenant and the guarantor (where applicable)
  • The first rental payment has been received