12 Reasons to Study in Glasgow

1. It’s One of the UK’s Friendliest Cities

It’s pretty much agreed all round that Glasgow is one of the UK’s friendliest cities, reaching the number one ranking spot on RoughGuides.co.uk and beating Liverpool, Tokyo, Georgia USA and Melbourne, Australia.

When you’re a new fresher in an unfamiliar city, life can feel pretty daunting, so it’s helpful to be in a place where the people will immediately make you feel at home.

2. Its Economically Strong

It may have slipped your mind, but Glasgow (and Scotland in general) has been one of the most economically sure places for quite some time now. Described as one of the fastest-growing cities in the UK, Glasgow is also Scotland’s largest urban economy, with around £17 billion Gross Value added each year.

That means that even as a student, life in the city of Glasgow can still be frivolous.

3. It’s a Hotly Tipped Destination

Did we mention how popular Glasgow is becoming lately? City trippers everywhere are singing its praises so much that TripAdvisor has named it its No.1 ‘on the rise’ UK destination, while Lonely Planet and Rough Guides have both named it as one of their top ten places to visit.

Need we say more?

4. Home of the National Ballet, Opera and Orchestra

Where would our cultural mindset be if it weren’t for the likes of Glasgow’s ballet, opera and orchestral offerings? The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall has been home to hundreds of iconic performances, drawing in people from all over Europe and beyond to witness some of the finest musical mastery society has known.

It’s this dedication to the arts that has helped Glasgow form the backbone of UK culture over the years.

5. It’s the Second Biggest Shopping District in the UK

For those who love to shop, there is no need to look any further than Glasgow’s array of shopping centres. As the second largest shopping district in the UK (after London of course!) the city is bulging with leading fashion brands and commercial names and doesn’t have the added London expense.

Spoil yourself for choice with the Buchanan Galleries, The Quay, Silverburn Shopping Centre, the Italian Centre and Prince’s Square.

6. More Green Spaces

As well as competing with London for shopping, nightlife and culture, Glasgow has a lower population and more green spaces, making it a pleasurably less crowded city in which to work, play and live.

Throughout the city there are over 90 parks and gardens which you can roam and take a break from the bustling town, including Greenfield Garden, Queen’s Park Glasshouse, Tollcross Park, and not forgetting of course the Loch Lomond.

7. There’s a Different Festival Every Month

Glasgow is pretty much the king of festivals, with a different small or medium-sized festival happening every month. Many of these are free to attend and help to ensure you’ll never be stuck for something new to do on a weekend.

Among the most popular of Glasgow’s outdoor affairs are the Glasgow Film Festival, the West End Festival and the International Festival of Visual Art.

8. It’s Affordable

Glasgow is renowned for being one of the most affordable student cities in all of the UK. It’s up to four times cheaper than London, and its university tuition fees are some of the lowest.

That means not only will you have less debt to worry about, you’ll also be able to focus more on having a good time rather than scrimping the pennies.

9. It’s Responsible for Some Cutting-Edge Music Talent

With iconic venues such as the Barrowlands and King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow is a prime hotspot for up-and-coming musical talent and some of the best independent bands on the scene.

With rumours that King Tut’s was actually the place where Oasis was discovered, the city has been home to many other groundbreaking acts over recent years, including Fran Ferdinand; Amy MacDonald; Belle & Sebastian; Chvrches and Twin Atlantic.

10. Scottish Graduates Have Higher Salaries

According to 2012 stats from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), graduates from universities in Scotland have the highest salaries and the lowest rates of unemployment after six months of leaving the student bubble.

Although the reasons are unclear – better job prospects or more graduate support, perhaps – the figures show that 90% of Scottish graduates were in ‘positive destinations’ after graduating (work or further study) as opposed to 87% of English university graduates.

11. It’s Really Easy to Navigate.

Glasgow is also adored for its straightforward and easy-going transport system, which helps to make any journey pleasant. With an excellent bus system and a clear, no-fuss metro network, there’ll be very few people getting lost in this city.

12. It’s Home to Two Famous Football Clubs

Glasgow is home to not one, but two major football teams – Rangers and Celtic, both of which are based in the heart of the city. If you’re a football fan, you can catch them at Hampden Stadium, which is also host to a variety of other sporting and music events throughout the year.

Meanwhile, the city is active in promoting participative sport, including football, rugby, sailing and even skiing on its two dry slopes.