10 Things You Need to Know When Studying in Leeds

Anybody that either studies or has studied in Leeds will often describe it as one of the best times of their lives. Through the friendly city, vibrant nightlife and student-centric atmosphere, Leeds is a city loved and revered by all, no matter which uni you’re from.

If you’re thinking of studying in Leeds or have just started, we decided to round up some insider knowledge that’ll help you quickly feel at home around your chosen campus.

Read on for 10 things to know if you’re studying in Leeds.

1. Edward Boyle Library vs. Brotherton

After a few visits to both, you’ll realise they aren’t the same thing. The Brotherton is a beautiful, grade II listed building where most people who are there are there to actually…well, study.

The Edward Boyle, meanwhile (also known as the Eddy B among students), while perhaps slightly dilapidated, is a bit more laid back. Be wary of level ‘Flirteen’ (as its known) and also the ‘Eddy B hotshots’ Twitter feed. No comment on what that’s about…

2. Friendly rivalry will always exist between Uni of and Leeds Met

As is the case in most student cities, a pretend sort of ‘rivalry’ will probably always exist between University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University. But it’s really nothing to worry about – the two unis come together at Varsity, which is where you’ll likely hear an array of class-related chants.

3. The ‘Lupton Unicycle Boy’ remains a compelling mystery

The ‘Lupton Unicycle Boy’ is one of Leeds’ biggest mysteries among students – an anonymous unicyclist that meanders primarily around the Lupton residences. The figure has become so popular he even has his own Facebook page with over 1600 likes, where students can write about their sightings and theorise about his identity.

4. The Kirkgate Market is where it’s all at

Operating on the first and third Sunday of every month, the Kirkgate Market is the perfect place to get all of your groceries and more. Filled with stalls selling all manner of fresh produce, you’ll be able to cut your weekly shopping bill in half, as well as pick up some pleasantly surprising bargains.

5. The pond outside the Roger Stevens lecture theatre isn’t for paddling in

Many students from the University of Leeds have tried, and then regretted it. It’s better to learn from others’ mistakes on this one, folks.

6. You will need to climb a large hill to Headingly

The first few times will be exhausting. But you’ll get used to it and soon have calves to be proud of.
If you hate the idea of that much walking however, you can choose to live right next to campus, where Downing’s Cityside accommodation offers a number of comforting studio apartments and flats.

7. Hyde Park street names can be a little confusing

Despite there being over 300 streets in Hyde Park, there are much fewer names, all of which are mostly variants on Harolds, Brudenells, Thornvilles, Autumns and Royal Parks. This can make navigating your way around a little tricky, but once you’re aware of the base names, you can be much more on the ball.

8. You’ll find the cheapest pub lunch at The Original Oak

The Original Oak pub in Headingly easily does the best value-for-money pub lunch, with dishes starting at around a fiver. Be warned though – it also has the busiest beer garden.

9. You won’t be judged for attending Fruity Friday

Fruity Friday is the cheesy 90s anthem student night held at the University of Leeds union, where cheap drinks are aplenty and fancy dress is strongly encouraged. When you first learn of these nights, the thought of attending one may make your skin crawl. But once having attended, you’ll likely realise it isn’t half bad. In fact, you may just like it. And nobody is judging you.

10. There will likely be a long queue at Bakery 164

Bakery 164 is somewhat of a student hotspot in Leeds, adored for its vast array of gourmet sandwiches and freshly baked Italian breads. Grab lunch there by all means, but aim to get there early, as queuing out the door and down the street is a pretty regular part of most students’ days.