12 Reasons to Study in Leeds

1. It’s the Nightlife Capital of the North

Many of Leeds’ inhabitants both past and present have commented on the city’s exquisite taste in bars and nightclubs, and how the sheer number of them gives so much choice. With hundreds of room-sized bars to discover, Leeds has considerably more options than many other northern cities and makes sure that there is something for everybody.

2. Fantastic Transport Links

Conveniently nestled right in the centre of the country, Leeds has fantastic transport links to all of the major cities. Its main train station is the busiest outside of London, and it even has an international airport on its doorstep – handy for international students visiting home.

From Leeds, you can be in Edinburgh in three hours; London in two and a half; Liverpool in two and Manchester in just one. You can’t complain at that.

3. It’s Close to the Countryside

Surrounding Leeds are the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, meaning you’re never far away from some refreshing and relaxing countryside to take your mind away from your studies. Outdoor activities are widely practised and encouraged, including horse riding, mountain biking and climbing.

4. There are Plenty of Jobs About

Part-time work and summer job opportunities are rife in Leeds, meaning you’ll never be short of options should you need to bulk out your weekly budget a little. As well as the number of bar tending jobs available, there are also a lot of admin jobs for financial and insurance companies. Temps are needed on a continually rotating basis, so you’re sure to find something to suit your situation whatever the time of year.

5. It Ticks All Major Sports Credentials

Leeds is the only UK city to have a championship football team; a Super League rugby team; a Premiership Rugby team and a country cricket team. Sports fans will just love the buzz and lively atmosphere around game time, and will able to enjoy student discounts on tickets and memberships.

6. Everything is Close Together

Forget wearing yourself out with a daily commute, or fighting to get the last train home. One of the perks of being a Leeds student is that both universities are within a stone’s throw from one another and right in the middle of the city centre, with student accommodation placed conveniently behind.

With this in mind, there’ll be no excuse not to eke out every bit of what student life has to offer.

7. Plenty of Opportunities for Post-Grad Work

Leeds is fast becoming one of the go-to places for business growth, attracting major financial companies and some of the biggest IT groups and internet providers. That’s why when you do graduate, you know you have a good range of options, even if you only want something temporary while you search for your dream role.

8. Safe, Easy and Compact

Thanks to its small size, Leeds is a comfortable city and considerably easy to navigate around.
Also, thanks to its closely-knit community, it shouldn’t take you long to feel right at home, and the mutual familiarity also makes the city a pretty safe place to live.

9. Great Cycling Facilities

If you’ve ever dreamt of living somewhere where cycling can legitimately be used as a mode of transport, then Leeds is your place. Thanks to the lack of hills or inclines, the city lends itself well to the old two-wheeler, and the universities go out of their way to promote cycling by offering storage facilities, bike clinics and tune-ups, and discounts on term bike hire and equipment.

10. It’s Internationally Recognised for Theatre, Ballet and Opera

Leeds has contributed significantly to the world of theatre, ballet and the opera, drawing visitors in from all over the country and giving students a generous slice of culture. Catch a show for yourself at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Northern Ballet or Opera North.

11. It’s Home to One of the UK’s Biggest Annual Live Music Events

Leeds Festival, anybody? It’s only one of the biggest festivals in rock, alternative and indie music and draws in some of the biggest names in music history. Who could possibly excuse missing out on this iconic festival when it’s right on their doorstep?

Leeds students staying in the city for the summer will be conveniently placed to navigate their way effortlessly to the festival grounds. Providing they have a ticket of course.

12. Students Pretty Much Rule

With students making up a large part of the city’s population, Leeds is extremely student-focused and orientated, making the world your oyster when you choose to study there. As well as all the fantastic student deals and discounts on offer, you’re also not likely to be judged when you go for a curry at 11pm…or pop to the supermarket in your pyjamas.