Refer a friend and both get £300 cashback!*

Receive £300 cashback when you refer a friend to live with us
for 2021/22 term and your referred friend also gets £300.*

£300 cashback when you refer a friend to live with us for 2021/22 term and the referred friend also gets £300.

To qualify for the incentive the following applies:

a) The Student making the referral (the ‘Referee’) must have lived at a Downing Students Property in the current academic year, or have made a booking for the next academic year, for a minimum period of 39 weeks, unless stated otherwise, prior to referring a friend (the ‘Referred’).

b) The Referred must not have previously made an application to, or resided in any properties owned or managed by Downing Students. The friend must book a room directly with Downing Students.  The offer will not apply for referrals booking through a third party e.g. a booking agent.  It excludes any bookings made directly through universities or higher education institutions.

c) The Referee must provide the referred with their Downing Students ID, full name and promotional code REFERFRIEND21

d) The Referred must then submit their application within the offer period, for the accommodation specified in the offer, using the Referee’s Downing Students ID and the promotional code ‘REFERFRIEND21’, and complete all the relevant paperwork strictly within the period or periods specified in covering e-mails or letters to them.

e) Provided there are no arrears on their account, the Referee will have the discount applied to their final payment as specified in their tenancy agreement, provided the Referred completes a Tenancy Agreement, pays a deposit and has submitted debit/ credit card details for the payment of their rent.

f) The offer will be void if the Referred is released from the Tenancy Agreement, for whatever reason, prior to the commencement date of their tenancy.

g) Any offer or discounts are not transferable.

h) Any agreed cash incentive or ‘cashback’ will be offset against the rental payments of the Referee. Where the account has been paid in full, payment will be made direct to the Referee’s bank account.

i) The referred must include all information from point (c) above on their application form and complete all paperwork within the promotional period and timeframe specified.

j) A maximum of two students can be referred in one flat.

k) Refer a friend is not applicable when booking as a group of 3 or more to live with Downing Students in a shared apartment. We have a separate group booking incentive for all students looking to live with a group of friends.

l) Downing Students reserves the rights to change or remove the promotional offer at any time.

m) The refer a friend scheme is not applicable to students applying to live at Myrtle Street, City Club, Atlas or in Vega 3dio affordable rooms.

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