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Receive up to £850 cashback when you book during June 2024!

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Receive up to £850 cashback when you book during June 2024!

Student Properties in Coventry

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City Village

Having the best amenities and facilities to hand when studying and living in Coventry, City Village has raised the standards. Providing student accommodation for both Coventry University students and Warwick University students, these unrivalled student rooms provide a student home, rather than student halls.

City Village offers students easy access to the city centre so you can enjoy every part of student life. Just a short bus ride to the University of Warwick and a five-minute walk from Coventry University, you’ll waste no time on expensive commutes or long walks across the city.

We offer a variety of luxury studios and en-suite student apartments that are perfect for whatever type of student accommodation in Coventry you’re looking for. We’ve taken the stressful factors of life away for you too, having all bills included, on-site support and CCTV security across the complex.

Save money on unnecessary subscriptions elsewhere too. Just a few steps from your front door, you’ll find state of the art facilities, including an onsite gym, cinema room, gaming zone, study areas and social lounge to relax and enjoy downtime.


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Student Life in the City


There is plenty for students to do in Coventry itself, with a range of restaurants, clubs and bars and various music, sports, cultural and historical events throughout the year - there really is something to suit every taste.

Living in Coventry

Student Accommodation Coventry: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are our student accommodation in Coventry exempt from council tax?

Students living in student accommodation in Coventry are exempt from paying council tax, providing they are in full-time study. However, if you are in part-time study, you will have to pay council tax in Coventry.


2. When should I apply for student accommodation in Coventry?

We highly suggest applying for student accommodation in Coventry with Downing Students, as soon as you know you have a good idea of where you’d like to study the most. Booking early means you’ll be able to have the best choice of rooms, and peace of mind knowing it’s all sorted out.


3. How do I apply for student accommodation in Coventry?

Applying for student accommodation in Coventry is simple with Downing Students. All you have to do is choose the building and type of room that you like the most and press apply. We’ll make sure that the process is straightforward and you’ll just need to supply your details.


4. Where can I find student accommodation near Coventry University?

Situated on Bond Street in the city centre of Coventry, Downing Students’ City Village student accommodation is only five minutes from Coventry University. If you’re going further afield, our central location is perfect thanks to the nearby facilities and major public transport links.


5. Where can I find student accommodation near Warwick University?

You can find the best student accommodation near Warwick University at City Village on Bond Street. The Downing Students rooms offer state of the art facilities and the central location is perfect, with Warwick University being a short bus ride away.


6. Do you offer short term accommodation in Coventry?

We appreciate that you might need a short term accommodation option in Coventry. To make sure you have the flexibility and plenty of options, we offer short term student accommodation for your studies in Coventry.


7. Do you offer private student accommodation in Coventry?

We offer private options for student accommodation in Coventry, at our City Village rooms. This accommodation is perfect for students who need privacy, especially if you want a studio that has everything you’ll need from a kitchen, a study area and a cosy bed to relax in.

1. Does Coventry student accommodation offer parking?

Unfortunately, at our Coventry student accommodation, there are no parking options available. However, there are city-centre car parks you can make use of if you need to bring your car to Coventry.


2. What is student life like in Coventry?

Coventry is a fantastic place to study, thanks to its wide variety of local shops, bars and restaurants to enjoy. 50,000 students call the vibrant city home every academic year, and the city has welcomed its student population with open arms. There’s lively nightlife to indulge in too, so in between your studies, you’ll always have something to do.


3. Can I move in earlier than my start date?

We try to accommodate all types of situations, and we will ensure that your room is ready to welcome you to Coventry by the beginning of your start date. If you need to move in earlier than your start date, please get in touch and we will work to try and adapt to what you need.


4. What is the average student living cost in Coventry?

The average student living cost can vary depending on the cost of accommodation and the lifestyle you live, and the average cost of living besides rent is estimated to be around £810 a month.


5. When can I move into my student accommodation in Coventry?

We understand that you’re excited about getting stuck into your new student life in Coventry, and getting moved into your new luxurious home. So we’ll make sure that your room in your student accommodation in Coventry is ready to move into as soon as your tenancy begins.

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