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The first-choice student accommodation for students living in Glasgow. Perfectly located just five minutes from the University of Glasgow and a short 15 minutes Metro ride to the University of Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian University. Apartment types range from luxury studios to stunning shared student accommodation for four to six residents. Fantastic social spaces with a cinema room, gym and gaming zone.


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If you’re a student looking for a lively social scene, affordable student living and welcoming communities, look no further than Scotland’s largest and most diverse city – Glasgow.

Living in Glasgow

Student Accommodation Glasgow: Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I apply for student accommodation in Glasgow?

It’s best to book your student accommodation in Glasgow as soon as you know you’re going to study there. You can apply for student accommodation from a year before your studies begin, but if you need student accommodation at the last minute, that’s also okay! You might experience fewer options to choose from though.

2. How do I apply for student accommodation in Glasgow?

Applying for student accommodation in Glasgow is a simple process. Downing Students handles all of the difficult elements, all you have to do is select the building and room you’d most like to live in, provide some simple information and let us handle the rest.

3. How much is student accommodation in Glasgow?

Student accommodation costs in Glasgow can vary. Downing Students offers a variety of options for you to select, depending on your needs, all our available rooms will appear in our search bar. You’ll be able to enjoy the wide range of state-of-the-art facilities on offer in the student accommodation.

4. Where can I find student accommodation near the University of Glasgow?

Finding student accommodation near the University of Glasgow is easy with Downing Students. West Village building has fantastic rooms to choose from, and they benefit from being a short 15-minute walk away from campus. West View building offers the same luxurious standard and is also a 15-minute walk away from the Gilmore Hill campus - perfect for any student.

5. Where can I find student accommodation near Kaplan’s Glasgow International College?

Living in student accommodation near Kaplan’s Glasgow International College is straightforward and smooth sailing for Downing Students. Thanks to the city centre placement of the building, you can take advantage of the nearby public transport links that will get you there quickly and safely.

6. Where can I find student accommodation near the University of Strathclyde?

If you’re looking for student accommodation near the University of Strathclyde, Downing Students is a fantastic choice. The West Village building is a short 20-minute train ride away, or a half an hour bus journey. If you fancy cycling from your accommodation, you can get to your lecture in less than 20 minutes!

7. Where can I find student accommodation near Glasgow Caledonian University?

Live life with ease by choosing Downing Students’ West Village student accommodation. The city centre location means you can get to Glasgow’s Caledonian University in less than half an hour, depending on how you travel. For the quickest route, cycle over to campus in just 15 minutes.

8. Do you offer short term student accommodation in Glasgow?

To make sure your student experience goes as smoothly as possible in Glasgow, Downing Students offer a variety of tenancies to choose from. Opt for a 52, 44, 39 or 22-week long contract, so you can stay long or short term in the Scottish city.

9. Do you offer summer accommodation for students?

Enjoy the summer in the city of Glasgow with Downing Students. Offering summer accommodation for students, you have the choice of a variety of tenancy lengths, including 52 weeks, so you don’t have to worry about moving out once the sun comes out!

1. What are the best student areas in Glasgow?

There are plenty of areas in Glasgow that are great for students to live, work and study in. Hillhead is located in the popular West End, Anniesland is fantastic for having quick access to the University of Glasgow’s campus and Deniston is right near the main city centre, and is a fantastic student hub full of lively nightlife.


2. What is the average cost of students living in Glasgow?

The average student living cost in Glasgow varies a lot, depending on the cost of accommodation and the lifestyle you decide to live. Outside of student accommodation costs though, the national average cost of living for students across the UK is estimated to be around £810 a month.


3. Is student accommodation in Glasgow safe?

Downing Students’ accommodation in Glasgow benefits from CCTV security and 24 on-site support, designed to keep you safe and help you to feel comfortable. Outside of the accommodation, Glasgow does have some areas that require you to be more vigilant. But, if you’re ever worried, feel free to reach out for guidance and support whilst getting to know the city.


4. Can I stay in my student accommodation throughout the summer?

Thanks to Downing Students’ flexible tenancy lengths, you can enjoy all that Glasgow has to offer during the summertime. Choose from 52, 44, 39 or 22-week long contracts, to make sure you’re living there during the summer!


5. Does my student accommodation provide parking?

Unfortunately, at our Glasgow student accommodation location, we do not have any parking options available. However, there are nearby car parks you can take advantage of if you need to bring your car to Glasgow for a short period.


6. Is Glasgow a good student city?

Glasgow has been ranked highly in the best student cities across the UK several times. Thanks to the great standard of education across all the institutions in the city, this has been boosted over the years. Not to mention the plethora of shops, bars and restaurants for students to enjoy during their studies.


7. Is there public transport nearby by student accommodation?

Keeping you well connected, Downing Students’ Glasgow student accommodation is well placed in the city centre. You’ll be right next to the major transport links you need to get into town, go to lectures and even travel further afield when you have time to explore.

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