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Verde, our new Newcastle student accommodation comes from the award-winning developers of The View. This striking landmark sets a new standard for student housing, and is open to students of all years. No matter which university or college you are studying at, you can benefit from the best student accommodation in Newcastle.


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Newcastle is home to lots of amazing shops, bars, cafes and restaurants, so finding somewhere to explore will be no problem – even on a student’s budget!

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Student Accommodation Newcastle: Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I apply for student accommodation in Newcastle?

We recommend applying for student accommodation in Newcastle once you know you want to study there. Getting the application process started early means you’ll be first to choose your room, and having it all sorted will relieve an element of stress whilst you finish your studies. A win-win situation!

2. How do I apply for student accommodation in Newcastle?

Applying for student accommodation in Newcastle is not as difficult as you might have imagined. Downing Students have made the process simple, allowing you to browse through the room and building options with ease. Simply select where you want to live, provide some basic information and details and let Downing Students handle the rest.

3. How much is student accommodation in Newcastle?

Costs for student accommodation in Newcastle can vary depending on the type of room you choose. Downing Students makes sure you get value for money, offering state-of-the-art facilities and amazing amenities, all included in the price.

4. Where can I find student accommodation near Newcastle university?

You can find student accommodation near Newcastle University with Downing Students. The Verde building is just a 13-minute walk from the campus or a quick 5-minute cycle. You’ll benefit from the amazing location if you choose to live in The View building too, with the same travel times to the campus.

5. Where can I find student accommodation near Northumbria university?

Looking for student accommodation near Northumbria University? Downing Students’ student accommodation options are perfect for you. Buildings Verde and The View are both perfectly located to cut your travel time down. A ten-minute journey on public transport, a fifteen-minute walk or a five-minute cycle, you’ll never run late for a lecture when living with Downing Students.

6. Do you offer short term student accommodation in Newcastle?

Offering short term accommodation in Newcastle, Downing Students have a variety of tenancy lengths for you to choose from, making it easy and flexible to live in Newcastle whilst studying. Choose from a 51, 44, 22 or 16-week long tenancy, and enjoy the luxurious rooms and amazing facilities for as long, or as little as you’d like.

7. Do you offer summer accommodation for students?

Want to relax in the city of Newcastle during summer? Choose Downing Students for your summer student accommodation! The variety of tenancy lengths makes it possible for you to customise your student experience, by having a short summer stay or a lengthy 51-week long tenancy to experience all seasons.

8. How do I apply for private student accommodation?

Downing Students offer a variety of student accommodation in Newcastle and have a variety of private student accommodation to apply to. Simply decide which room you’d like to live in the most and provide some basic details. We’ll handle the rest and you can relax knowing your private student accommodation is in good hands.

1. What is Newcastle like for students?

Newcastle has been consistently voted one of the best cities for students to study in, with it being a favourite for students across the UK. Not only does it have amazing institutions to study in, but you'll also be treated to fantastic nightlife, quirky and independent businesses to check out and a coastline that is perfect for exploring.


2. Can I move in earlier than my start date?

You can move in on or after the ‘Tenancy Start Date’ as specified in your tenancy agreement. We will write to you near the time with more information about collecting your keys and our Reception opening hours. If you have any questions or different circumstances, please feel free to contact us and we’ll work hard to help you.


3. Is Newcastle safe for students?

Newcastle is one of the safest cities in the UK. However, like any city, there can be a level of crime you should be aware of. If you need some guidance on how to be vigilant or some information on less friendly areas throughout the city, get in touch with our on-site support team who will be more than happy to help.


4. What is the average living costs for students in Newcastle?

The average student living cost in Newcastle can vary depending on the cost of accommodation and the lifestyle you live. Figures have revealed that the overall average cost of living across the UK (besides rent) is estimated to be around £810 a month.


5. Is there parking available at my student accommodation?

Unfortunately, there are no parking options available at any of our student accommodation options in Newcastle. However, if you need to bring your car to university, you can take advantage of the city centre’s car parks.


6. What facilities are available in my student accommodation in Newcastle?

There are some fantastic facilities in Downing Students’ accommodation in Newcastle. Enjoy beautiful socialising spaces, luxurious study zones and state-of-the-art gym facilities. You can even relax knowing the bills are all-inclusive and the CCTV security, all whilst you take advantage of our super-fast Wi-Fi and large, comfy beds.

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