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The Electra brings a touch of luxury to student accommodation in Liverpool. It combines beautifully designed studio student apartments with the latest technology and security features, as well as offering lively social spaces that let you make the most of your university experience. Ideally located, just minutes away from the University of Liverpool, you can stroll to lectures, or study in the Sydney Jones Library in just 5 minutes.


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Student Life in the City


If you’re looking to study in a city that takes its culture and history just as seriously as its music and nightlife, look no further than Liverpool! With a student population of over 58,000 from more than 100 different countries, there is something for everyone in this vibrant and student friendly city.

Living in Liverpool

Student Accommodation Liverpool: Frequently Asked Questions

Student accommodation prices can vary in Liverpool. To view our Downing Student’s Liverpool student accommodation use our search bar, our prices vary depending on the type of room you would prefer to live in.

For an amazing standard of living, you can choose student accommodation near the University of Liverpool with Downing Students. The Electra accommodation is just a six-minute walk from the University of Liverpool and a three-minute cycle.

You can find student accommodation near Liverpool Hope University with Downing Students. Our Myrtle Street accommodation is the closest option for students of Liverpool Hope University, as it's a short bus journey away. All of our other accommodation options are slightly further away, however, there are fantastic public transport links near all buildings.

Finding student accommodation near Liverpool’s Institute of Performing Arts is easy with Downing Students. Choose one of our three locations, all under a ten-minute walk away from the campus, or a five-minute cycle away.

Depending on whether you’re a first-year student or a returning student, you’ll need to determine what type of student accommodation in Liverpool you’ll need. Downing Students offers plenty of different types of accommodation, and all you have to do is select the one that works for you, and follow the application process online.

Applying for student accommodation is easy with Downing Students. All you have to do is select the building you want to live in and choose the room that works best for what you need whilst studying. We’ll need some basic details from you, to begin with, but simply follow our online application process and we’ll handle the rest.

We understand that flexibility is valuable when looking for student accommodation in Liverpool. Downing Students offers a variety of tenancy options, so if you’re looking for short-term student accommodation in Liverpool, we’ll be able to support you through that.

Liverpool has a much lower crime rate than other cities in the UK, making it perfectly safe to live and study in. If you have any concerns, or you’d like some guidance on the areas you might need to be more vigilant in, please feel free to ask our team for support.

Average living costs for students in Liverpool can vary depending on several factors. The type of lifestyle you live, the cost of your student accommodation and any external financial commitments you have will all alter how much money you spend. For some guidance, the national average cost of living besides rent is estimated to be around £810 a month.

Unfortunately, there are no parking options available at any of our student accommodation options in Liverpool. However, there are car parks throughout the city centre that you can use if you need to bring your car to university for a short time.

Downing Students prides itself on having state-of-the-art facilities available in your student accommodation in Liverpool. Superfast WiFi, plenty of study zones and 24-hour on-site support will help you through your studies. Meanwhile, our luxurious social areas and games rooms mean making friends is easy at Downing Students.

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