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Vega Student accommodation

Vega student accommodation is the place to live when studying in South London. It doesn’t get better than the 37-storey tower building is located within a 5-minute walk of Vauxhall Tube Station, giving you easy access to all the city’s hotspots and universities.

If you want to enjoy an expanse of state-of-the-art facilities, beautiful social spaces and a rooftop terrace for those coveted London views, Vega is the student accommodation in London for you.

Don’t worry about the other factors though. We’ve ensured all your student accommodation bills are included in your rent payments, and you’ll have access to contents insurance and on-site support day and night. Safety is no concern either, thanks to our CCTV security systems throughout all of our London student accommodation options.

London Student Accommodation Room from £280.73 per week



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City centre

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Life in the City

South London Student Accommodation

Living and studying in South London is an experience like no other. We know how important it is for you to enjoy as much of the capital as you can during your studies, so Downing Students have curated a stunning selection of London student accommodation in Zone One. Offering a convenient central base, you’ll be able to study in peace and party in style, all whilst knowing the stressful factors of daily life are taken care of.

Living in South London

Life in the City

West London Student Accommodation

Take advantage of all the independent businesses offering a range of delicious eats, fantastic shopping and quirky bars in Zone Two with Downing Students. Living and studying in West London is an unforgettable experience, so we’ve made sure that everything is taken care of, giving you more free time to enjoy what the city has to offer, and a stylish yet comfortable space to return to.

Living in West London

Student Accommodation London: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I short let at student accommodation in London?

Downing Students accommodation options in London offers a variety of tenancies for students studying in London to take advantage of. Having this flexibility in your student accommodation is key to navigating any bumps along the road of your university journey.

2. How do I find private accommodation as a student in London?

Downing Students accommodation in London is a fantastic private accommodation for anyone studying in the capital. With a variety of different buildings and rooms to choose from, you’ll have no difficulty finding private accommodation in London, no matter what your needs are.

3. Where is student accommodation for West London university?

Living in West London is a fantastic experience, and having the perfect student accommodation for West London University makes it even better. Downing Students’ have a variety of places to choose from, all of which are very close by key public transport links, so you can get to your lecturers.

4. How much does student accommodation cost in London?

Costs for student accommodation in London can vary, depending on what facilities and rooms the accommodation offers. Downing Students’ accommodation offers the very best options for students living in London, with a variety of state-of-the-art amenities.

5. Where can I find student accommodation near King's College London?

Living at Downing Students accommodation in London means you’ll be able to easily travel to King’s College. The Atlas building is in partnership with King’s College, making it the best option for students studying there.

6. Where can I find ​​student accommodation near the University of West London?

Living at Downing Students accommodation in London means you’ll be able to easily travel to the University of West London. The Lyra building has a tube station less than a minute's walk away, so no matter where you’re studying, you’ll be able to travel to campus with ease.

7. Where can I find student accommodation near the University College of London?

Living at Downing Students accommodation in London means you’ll be able to easily travel to the University College of London. The Vega building is only 20 minutes away from the campus on the tube, and thanks to the nearby public transport links, you’ll get to class in no time.

8. Where can I find student accommodation near London Metropolitan university?

Living at Downing Students accommodation in London means you’ll be able to easily travel to London Metropolitan University. All of the buildings have fantastic amenities and rooms to choose from, and thanks to the great public transport links nearby, it’s the best option for students studying there.

9. How can I find cheap student accommodations near the University of Westminster, Central London?

Finding cheap student accommodations near the University of Westminster is easy with Downing Students, especially if you want to make the most of living in Central London. With so many options to choose from, you’ll enjoy the best facilities and amenities at Vega.

1. How do I get a student visa for London?

You get a student visa to study in London in the UK if you’re over 16. However, you must be able to speak, read and write understand English. You also must have been offered a place on a course by a licensed student sponsor and have enough money to support yourself and pay for your course.


2. Can I move in earlier than my start date?

Moving in earlier than your start date in your London student accommodation isn’t always an option. Downing Students will always ensure your room is ready by the start of your tenancy, but if you need flexibility, get in touch. We try to accommodate all types of situations, and we will work to make sure that your student accommodation is ready to welcome you.


3. Which libraries can students go to for free in London?

Most libraries are free for students to use in London. Choose from the following options for a great study setting:

    1. The British Library
    2. City Business Library
    3. Bishopsgate Library
    4. Google Campus
    5. Carnegie Libraries
    6. Gordon, Tavistock and Russell Squares
    7. British Museum's Reading Room
    8. The Barbican Centre


4. When should I start looking for student accommodation in London?

As soon as you’re sure that London is where you want to study, you should apply for student accommodation in London. Getting ahead of people who will be applying is the best way to have the best selection of rooms. It’s also great for getting the process out of the way so you can focus on your studies.


5. Is it expensive to live in London as a student?

Living in London will always be more expensive in comparison to living in other cities across the UK. As it’s the capital, it can be expensive to live in London as a student. By choosing Downing Students as your student accommodation in London, you’ll save money on subscription fees to gyms, socialising areas and more thanks to our fantastic facilities.


6. Is London safe for students?

London has a mostly undeserved reputation for being a little unsafe, but in reality, the city is no more dangerous than any other European capital and is considerably safer than some.5 Dec 2016

The capital city of London has earned an undeserved reputation for being slightly unsafe. However, much like any other city, remaining vigilant and sensible means that London is as safe for is safe for students as any other city. If you have any concerns, or you’d like some guidance, please feel free to ask our team for support.

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