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Receive up to £150 cashback or laundry card when you book during July 2024!


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Receive up to £150 cashback or laundry card when you book during July 2024!

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The Kingfisher

The Kingfisher is Downing Students’ latest generation of luxury student apartments and new to Exeter. It’s conveniently situated on Western Way for all of Exeter’s academic institutions and is also a stone’s throw from the shops, restaurants and bars of lively Sidwell Street.

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The Kingfisher

This stunning, unique development features a range of 203 superior studio student apartments, thoughtfully designed by architects to provide everything you need for your busy student life. Each studio is self-contained and beautifully furnished to create your home away from home, with plenty of storage so that you can cook, relax and study in your own space.


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Life in the City


Exeter is a lively city with a rich history, beautiful coastlines and energetic atmosphere. Home to one of the UK’s top 10 universities, this Devonshire city offers its large student population the best student life with nightlife, shopping, culture and education.

Living in Exeter

Student Accommodation Exeter: Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I apply for student accommodation in Exeter?

As soon as you’re sure that Exeter is where you want to study, you should apply for student accommodation in Exeter. Getting the application process done early is key to having a wide choice of rooms and getting the stress out of the way so you can focus on your studies.

2. How do I apply for student accommodation in Exeter?

Applying for student accommodation in Exeter could not be made simpler with Downing Students. All you have to do is browse our beautiful selection of accommodations, choose your favourite and apply. We’ll need some information from you, but we’ll do the hard work!

3. Where can I find student accommodation near the University of Exeter?

You can find student accommodation near the University of Exeter at the Kingfisher location with Downing Students. Located on Western Way, it’s a short bus journey away from the Streatham Campus. If you’re heading to the University of Law, you’ll be able to walk there or take a short bus.

4. Do you offer short term student accommodation in Exeter?

We understand that flexibility can take the pressure off of you during your studies. Downing Students offers short term student accommodation in Exeter, along with a variety of tenancy lengths, depending on what you need. From 51, 39, 21, 18, 17 and 9 week long tenancies to choose from.

5. How much is student accommodation in Exeter?

Student accommodation costs in Exeter vary depending on where you decide to live. If you want to take advantage of Downing Student’s stunningly presented accommodation, just use the search bar to see our available rooms.

6. What are the best student areas in Exeter?

The areas in Exeter are all great to live in during your time at university. However, the majority of students choose to live inside of ‘the triangle.’ This area is the area that is close to the campuses, the city centre and the football stadium. However, thanks to great public transport, wherever you choose to live you’ll be well connected.

1. When can I move into student accommodation in Exeter?

You can move into your student accommodation in Exeter as soon as your tenancy begins. At Downing Students, we’re always working hard to make sure your room is perfect for you as soon as you need to move in.


2. Can I move in earlier than my start date?

We try to accommodate any situations, and we will work to make sure that your student accommodation is ready to welcome you to Exeter. But, if you need to move in earlier than your start date, get in touch and we will work to try and adapt to what you need.


3. What are the average student living costs in Exeter?

Average student living costs in Exeter can depend on a variety of different factors, including lifestyle and external financial commitments. However, the average cost of living for students across the UK is estimated to be £810 a month. If you ever have any financial concerns, please feel free to speak to our 24-hour on-site support.


4. Is there parking available at my student accommodation in Exeter?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide parking at our student accommodation sites in Exeter. However, if you do need to bring your car to university for a short period, you can use nearby car parks in the town centre.


5. Is there public transport nearby by student accommodation?

Public transport links in Exeter are fantastic. Whether you’re travelling further afield or heading for a night out, you won’t struggle to get around. There are plenty of public transport links to take advantage of that are just a stone’s throw away from Downing Student’s accommodation.


6. What is student life like in Exeter?

Exeter isn’t a city that is full of hustle and bustle. Instead, student life in Exeter is more peaceful and scenic, with plenty of countryside and coastline to take advantage of. However, it has also embraced its large student population, so there are still plenty of things to get involved in. Student life in Exeter is guaranteed to be as entertaining as life in any other city, except you have the bonus of beautiful views.


7. Can I stay in my student accommodation during the summer?

Downing Students offers flexibility that is hard to find elsewhere, so you can stay in your student accommodation during summer and enjoy the sunshine in Exeter. Choose from 52, 39, 21, 18, 17 or 9 week long tenancies so you can take advantage of Downing Students’ facilities any time of year.

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