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Even though the University of Warwick has only been teaching students for just over 50 years it has established itself as a world-leading institution with high academic and research standards and takes prides in what both the university and its students have managed to achieve in such a relatively short space of time.

Contrary to its name, the University of Warwick is not based in the town of Warwick but rather on the outskirts of Coventry where its three campuses, Central, Gibbet Hill and Westwood, are surrounded by beautiful green countryside.

The university’s first intake of students back in 1965 stood at just 450 and today that number has grown to more than 25,000. It has always encouraged and helped those students who come from poorer backgrounds, as well as facilitating part time study programmes to assist mature students who may not have formal qualifications or who need to work alongside their studies.

This flexible and diverse approach to learning is reflected in the achievements of its students, staff and alumni. Students are able to choose between a vast range of courses to study with the ability to combine subjects so that they can personalise their learning experience and develop new skills. It really is a place where anything is possible and this is best exemplified by a past project which involved a team designing a racing car powered by chocolate, a steering wheel made out of recycled carrots, bodywork comprising of potatoes and powered by bio-diesel made from chocolate fat and the dregs from the wine trade!

The University of Warwick offers more than 200 different combinations of degrees across its four faculties:

  • Arts
  • Medicine
  • Science
  • Social Sciences

There are also 29 academic departments, more than 70 research centres and institutes and over 300 clubs and societies for students to enjoy.

All three campuses are within easy walking distance of one another and the university itself is well linked by public transport networks to allow students to head into Coventry city centre and take advantage of everything this friendly city has to offer. The main campus is lively and full of all the usual facilities that students come to expect from student living.


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Distance from University of Warwick to Downing Student Accommodation in the area

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Public Transport – 45 minutes

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