Summer Stay 2023

Whether you wish to make the most of your newfound independence, work a summer job or simply experience your university city while school’s out, a summer stay in student accommodation may be the perfect answer!

Of course, you’ll need somewhere comfortable, affordable and well-connected to ensure that you can enjoy your time there with ease.

There is affordable en suite university housing available from Downing Students during the summer months in cities across the UK – perfect for any short-term stay.

Summer Stays To Suit You


There are many reasons why you might choose a summer stay in Downing Students accommodation – whether you’re:

  • Making the most of living away from home
  • Continuing to work and save money during the summer months between academic years
  • Attending summer events
  • Getting to know your university city a little better without the stress of studying
  • Going to a summer school or doing work experience
  • Looking to extend your stay after uni breaks up – or planning to arrive early before term begins
  • Exploring a new location

The city centre locations of our student accommodation complexes make them the ideal base for summer activities. We even have affordable summer accommodation in highly sought-after areas, such as Central London, so you can enjoy city life to the full.

All our complexes are situated within easy reach of excellent transport links and other amenities, making it super easy to get around and access everything you need for a great summer experience.

Summer Lets 2023

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Start Your Summer at Downing Students

Why not extend your stay into the summer months and enjoy more time in your university city? Our excellent accommodation will allow you to enjoy the feeling of student life without lectures or seminars.

With shared and studio apartments available, including en suite bathrooms, communal lounges and kitchens and plenty of great amenities nearby, you can stay in style and get to know your surroundings – or even explore a completely new city!

By its nature, our accommodation is wonderfully budget-friendly and features all kinds of great facilities, so you can relax and enjoy yourself both within the complex and out in the wider city.

How To Book Your Summer Stay at Downing Students

If you want to stay in our student accommodation over summer, please view all available options here. We’ll be thrilled to help you book your perfect short-term stay.

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Summer Stay: Frequently Asked Questions

Still wondering whether Downing Students’ summer accommodation is for you? We answer some of the most common queries below:

Any and all students can enjoy a summer stay in Downing Students’ accommodation.

In fact, this can be a great resource to help international students be more flexible regarding flights, family visits and more.

There is a £60 booking fee which is offset against your rent payment.


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