Swap Shops

As part of our Big Green Month, we are launching Downing Students’ Swap Shops at some of our properties across the country.

It’s really simple to take part. All you have to do is bring some unwanted items and swap them for something new that you see and love. No cash will be exchanged or value added to items. It is simply swapping items for others. 

See our T’s and C’s below.

Terms & Conditions

  1. No resellers please. We’re here to rehome clothes so they can be loved again and to limit the impact feeling great in a new look has on the planet. We’re not here for us or others to make money from generously swapped clothes. 
  1. No cash is exchanged or value added to items. A simple item for item swap.
  1. Every item donated to Downing Students’ Swap Shops have equal value to those items swapped for.
  1. You will receive a token per item you bring to Downing Students’ Swap Shop (maximum 10 items) 
  1. Tokens can be redeemed only once, by redeeming token(s) you are confirming you are happy with the pre-loved item you are swapping for.
  2. No financial compensation will be provided. In partaking in Downing Students’ Swap Shops, you agree that original items are non-returnable once submitted.
  1. If you don’t find an item you like at Downing Students’ Swap Shop, you can keep your tokens safe for our next Swap Shop events
  1. Items remaining at the end of Downing Swap Shops will be kept safe by your halls team at Reception ready for the next Downing Swap Shops 
  1. We will not accept the following items for hygiene reasons: underwear, swimwear, jewellery for piercings and unclean items.
  1. You must only submit items that you would be happy to receive. Items must not show signs of damage or stains
  2. Swap shops are for Downing Students’ residents only.
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