11 Things New Students Should Know About Exeter

By on February 26th, 2016


As you may already be aware, we’re getting ready to open our brand new accommodation in Exeter and have been enjoying seeing so many of you book in for your new university term.

Whether you’re brand new to Exeter or are already familiar with the city, we thought it might be helpful to highlight some tidbits about uni life (as told by past and present Exeter students) that’ll help you make the most of your time here. Take a look…

1. You can take a direct train to London for just £30.

London is not too far away, with the journey taking just a couple of hours and not requiring much saving to pay for the ticket. Visit friends, enjoy the big city and never miss a major London event (if you don’t want to). Exeter is perfectly placed.

2. Everything is pretty much a 20 minute walk away.

All of the main attractions, as well as restaurants, clubs and the uni campus, are more-or-less a 20 minute walk away, making the city ideal for cycling and removing the need to faff with public transport.

Our own accommodation, The Kingfisher, is situated on Western Way, which is just a 17 minute walk from the main Exeter uni campus.

3. It’s the perfect blend of the quiet and the lively.

If you’re a quiet person who likes the peace and serenity of a small town or countryside, then Exeter was made for you. Cleverly combining a modern vibe with subdued history and breathtaking culture, it is also a vibrant commercial center, with plenty of opportunities to shop, eat, drink and be merry. What more could you want?

4. Mosaic, Arena and Timepiece will be your best clubs.

Where there are students, there will be nightlife, and Mosiac, Arena and Timepiece seem to be where it’s all at. As well as hanging out at these three clubs however, you should also check out The Lemon Grove at Exeter Uni (where many current bands play), especially on a Saturday, when it is customary to give in to the cheese.

Alternative music fans can more than likely find their fix at the Cavern Club and Exeter Phoenix.

5. You should get to Mosaic early.

Very often there is a queue, and if close sources are anything to go by, it doesn’t move fast. So get there early if you want to be in the club before 9.

6. Expect to see some strange things at Timepiece.

Typically, Timepiece is themed, so expect to see some strange things there as standard (or prepare to join in with the fancy dress fun).

7. Be sure to download the iExeter app.

As soon as you arrive, be sure to download the iExeter app. This handy guide will deliver you personalized information and updates that aligns with your schedule, to help you make the most of your time. Your very own day planner and useful maps of the campus are just part of what it provides, which is reason enough to have it on your phone.

8. The beach is by far the best place to party.

Celebrating a milestone moment or just want to kick back with friends? The beach – any of them – is where it’s at. Simply pick one of Exeter’s nearby beaches, grab a BBQ and some friends, and you’re all set for a memorable get-together. Be sure to stay at least once to watch the sun rise.

9. Be ready to climb some hills.

As you may have already heard (or experienced from your Open Days), Exeter is a rather hilly town. The main walk up to the uni campus has even been named Cardiac Hill by past students. Although you may feel tired at the thought of climbing a hill every day, just remember you’ll have thighs to be envious of by the time the semester is over.

10. Always carry an umbrella.

Although the weather in Exeter is pleasant and sunny during the warmer months, in the winter it can bring rain…quite a bit of it. So be sure to carry an umbrella everywhere you go…even on the warmer days.

11. There are some fantastic events taking place this year.

Where 2016 is concerned, you’re definitely at the heart of it all in Exeter. From Diamond Jubilee celebrations at Exeter Uni to the Exeter Festival of South West Food & Drink, there’s plenty taking place for you to feel excited for. Also don’t miss the International Photographer of the Year at RAMM; Art Week Exeter; Elton John in concert and Let’s Rock Exeter at Powderham Castle.

Exeter will also be playing host this year to Radio 1’s Big Weekend festival. Top that!

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