12 Things You Don’t Want to Be Without at Uni

By on August 15th, 2017


So you’ve jumped through all of the hurdles and got your place at uni. Now it’s almost time to pack up your most necessary belongings and make yourself at home in your new accommodation.

Although we figure you’ll already have the basics sorted – bedding, towels, cutlery, a mug etc – we thought we’d offer a rundown of must-haves you may not have thought of but will certainly come in handy during your time as a student.

Here are 12 things you definitely don’t want to be without at uni.

1. ID & Documents

It’s easier than you think to forget your passport or driver’s license, only to remember it when you’re being ID’d outside a club. Make sure you pack a reliable form of ID, along with all the important documents you’ll need during term.

These include your uni and course acceptance letters, student loan or other funding documents, accommodation contract, and your bank account details and debit card. You’ll also need your contents insurance documents (these are included when you stay with Downing).

2. Laptop or computer

This is something you’ll probably already have, but if you don’t, it’s definitely recommended for ease of studying, ordering all your personal files and the odd bit of Netflix streaming (cough).

A laptop can be swiftly carried around from lecture to library to bedroom, and lots of brands offer some great deals for students, such as Apple’s Refurb Store and Education discounts.

3. Diary, Planner or Calendar

A diary or planner of some kind is essential for organising not only your classes and deadlines, but also your social commitments too. This way you’ll be able to keep a closer eye on everything going on in your student career and find keeping a balance much easier. Trust us on this one, we promise.

4. Simple Recipe Book

Once you get to uni, you’re going to quickly wonder what on earth you’ll be living off. Rather than reach straight for the takeout menu, take out your super simple student-friendly recipe (which you’ll have packed, of course), and cook up a feast for you and your new flatmates.

Our favourite recommendations are Nosh for Students, Save With Jamie, The Ultimate Student Cookbook by Student Beans and Delia’s How to Cook. Each one offers practical tips on how to cook simple, satisfying meals that limit waste and are kind to your food bill. Win!

5. Wok

A wok is one kitchen essential you wonÕt regret, as you pretty much cook

anything in it eggs, stir fries, curries, stews, you name it. As it doubles up as a frying pan, it’s highly possible that you won’t need much else other than a saucepan and one good kitchen knife.

6. Mattress Protector

You may have got all your bedding prepared, but a mattress protector will go one step further to adding a layer of comfort to your bed.

7. Photos

Photos of family and friends are essential to avoid feeling too homesick, and for brightening up your room. Ensure you have a snap of everyone important to you and choose a variety of frames that will add character and colour. You could also get creative and make a collage of your favourite ones.

8. Small First Aid Kit

It’s a good idea to have a small first aid kit with you so you’ll always be prepared. It doesn’t need anything fancy just some painkillers (for those mornings after), and some plasters and general medicines you can swipe from your mum’s bathroom cabinet.

9. Hot Water Bottle

On chillier nights/days or for times when you’re not feeling well, a hot water bottle with a nice fluffy (or any) cover will do wonders for both your comfort and mood. Just like a hug from home!

10. Food Containers & Bags

With food containers or bags, nothing ever has to go to waste. Use them for storing leftover dinners, carrying convenient packed lunches, and separating things in the fridge. Oh, and if sharing a fridge, you may want to carry labels, too.

11. USB Stick

USB or memory sticks are invaluable pieces of equipment when it comes to carrying digital files and backing up essays should your computer ever fail on you. It’s highly likely you’ll receive one of these at Fresher’s Fair in one of your goody bags.

12. Hand Sanitizer

With so many new people coming together at once, Fresher’s Week is a goldmine for germs and the spread of infections. It’s a good idea to carry some hand sanitizer around with you during that first week (though admittedly, Fresher’s Flu is sort of a rite of passage).

Got any other must-have items you’re packing in your uni case? Let us know!

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