5 Organisational Tips for Students

By on January 8th, 2018

A new year means a fresh start! So, if your New Year’s resolution is to be more organised…

A new year means a fresh start! So, if your New Year’s resolution is to be more organised at university, read our top 5 organisational tips for students to help kickstart 2018 the right way…

1. Create a schedule

Invest in a wall planner or diary to plot out upcoming lectures, deadlines, exam dates and revision time. A healthy routine should include both work and play, so don’t forget to schedule some time to exercise, relax and socialise.

2. Be realistic

Be realistic when managing your time! You could do this by bringing forward your deadline dates so that you have a couple of days to make any amendments to your work or squeeze in some additional revision

3. Avoid procrastination

Don’t put things off until the last minute, avoid procrastination by getting rid of any distractions. Spend time at the university library or your accommodation study space where you will be able to quietly get your head down and focus.

4. Use folders

Get yourself some new folders to keep any paperwork organised and filed away in the appropriate place. If you prefer to keep paperwork to a minimum and work entirely from your laptop/computer, you can still apply this rule by keeping a tidy desktop and backing up all your work.

5. Prepare

Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail! Never underestimate how long it may take to complete an essay and always leave yourself enough time to check things over thoroughly before submitting your work. If you have a presentation due, the key is to practise beforehand, save a copy on a USB and email it to yourself (to avoid any technical problems) and always arrive early to set up.

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