6 Food & Drink Spots In London Every Student Should Know

By on April 28th, 2015


In a bustling, diverse city such as London, there’s always somewhere new to explore; a new hidden gem to discover. But some places just get it so right, they deserve to be visited more than just once.

Check out these six food and drink spots in London that every student should know. You’ll be adding them to your list of favourite meeting places and prime chow-down points in no time.

1.     Inamo, Regent St

Inamo offers up tasty Asian food and sushi with a little bit of something different. Forgoing the traditional waiter service system, diners get to place their orders using the interactive menu which is beamed right onto their table. Customise your experience by selecting your choice of ‘virtual tablecloth’, and watch the chefs prepare your meal on ‘Chef Cam’.

While slightly at the pricier end of the student scale(at £12-15 for a main course), Inamo fives you  a unique taste of futuristic Japan.

Photo: designmynight.com
Photo: designmynight.com

2.     CLF Art Café, Peckham

CLF stands for Chronic Love Foundation, which suitably sums up this edgy but humble café’s mission. CLF Art Café is a fun, quirky and eclectic mix of all of a student’s favourite things – music, film, theatre and a touch of the old-school – whilst pioneering the local and the underground. 100% self-funded, the café relies on donations from its regulars to plan and stage its free community projects, and theatre and art productions.

As well as food and drink, CLF’s events span everything from comedy nights, vinyl sales, comic book appreciation and live music.

Photo: timeout.com
Photo: timeout.com

3.     Cafe Kick & Bar Kick, Shoreditch

Café & Bar Kick is the perfect chilled night for any student, providing a welcome mid-week break from essays or exam prep. Its varied menu is overflowing with veggie fare, and includes tapas feasts, daily buffets and daily changing specials.

Pop in for lunch on a free day, or head there for dinner and drinks and make a night of it. Kick’s impressive collection of foosball tables in place of a dance floor make it the classic spot for a night out-night in.

Photo: jungledrumsonline.com
Photo: jungledrumsonline.com

4.     Herman ze German, Chinatown

Forget your typical round of burgers, all originating from the USA’s Coney Island. Herman ze German serves up only the best in the traditional German sausage, where real hot dogs pretty much began: the wurst.

Served in crispy baguettes in lieu of air-filled finger buns and made from real high quality pork, Herman ze German takes things back to basics as a fast food joint that’s comfortable and homely enough to hang out in. Smother your wurst in the curried ketchup, fried diced onions, fries, potato salad or classic sauerkraut, and enjoy the best of what German food has to offer. There are even veggie wursts available for the herbivores.

Photo: now-here-this.timeout.com
Photo: now-here-this.timeout.com

5.     Bone Daddies, Soho

Bone Daddies is the place where comforting Japanese food meets grungy rock ‘n’ roll. An odd combo this may seem, but it seems to work pretty well, with a collection of ramen, salads and sides merging into a late night menu of more ramen, Japanese vodka and whiskey and carrot juice cocktails.

Head there on the Central Line from The Lyra for a vibrantly entertaining night of fun folk, loud music and food to keep you revved up for hours.

Bone Daddies, Soho
Photo: londonfoodfreak.com

6.     The Aeronaut, Acton High Street

The Aeronaut is a pub offering a little more than your standard Sunday afternoon brew. For those who are daunted by the sheer cost of a West End cabaret production (and let’s face it, who isn’t), then the Aeronaut will provide every bit of surprise, delight and va va voom you could ever want, right within the homely confines of Acton.

As well as live cabaret, circus events and burlesque almost every night of the week, this super psuedo-pub also provides a ton of appealing drink offers for the cash strapped student. It’s also within walking distance of student accommodation The Lyra, making it an easy go-to place whenever you’re in the mood for some fun.

The Aeronaut, Acton
Photo: twentysomethinglondon.com

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