6 Part-Time Job Ideas for Students

By on February 24th, 2022


Having a part time job while studying is a great way to get to know your new city, make friends, earn some extra money and gain valuable work experience to build your cv.

Being a student typically means little or no money, but when you’re working part time, you no longer have to worry about being able to affording things and gives you more independence than relying on your parents and student loans to get by.

You can start affording little luxuries like going out with friends and treating yourself to something nice. You can even set money aside for savings.

Here are some part time job ideas to help start your search.

Food Service

Food service jobs are accessible to most students who enjoy very fast-paced and busy environments and is a great opportunity to get even more cash with tips. A successful student in a food and services part-time job will need to be energetic, social, punctual and reactive.


Don’t have university in the mornings and don’t want to give up your nightlife? A coffee shop is the perfect job for you. You also get to make people’s day by handing them their awakening beverage. If you prefer working mornings, being a barista is also a great fit as most coffee shops stay open all day.


If you enjoy teaching, tutoring might be a great match for you. You can pick the hours you work and even have the option of tutoring through zoom. It’s up to you what age and level of advancement you teach. Therefore, you can choose to help out students a grade under you and tackle topics you enjoy.

Brand ambassador

Customers don’t trust brands as much as their peers. This is why companies hire student brand ambassadors as their on-campus voices. There is no better PR than a trusted class or schoolmate extolling the merits of a product, and brands understand this. A part-time student job as a campus brand ambassador might also open doors for your future internships or jobs.

At Downing Students, we offer the opportunity for our residents to become a student ambassador and work flexible hour to fit you and have the opportunity to earn vouchers and sometimes up to £100 for a day’s work! Direct message us on Instagram to sign up.


Stores and super markets are often looking for extra help at cashier desks. If you are service-oriented, like being around people and are quick and reactive, maybe you could consider a part-time student job as a cashier.

Club promoter

Fancy working from home? Clubs are always looking for students to represent their brand. All you have to do is sell  tickets and you get paid commission for each ticket you sell.

Don’t forget to check out job websites such as Indeed and linked in to see the latest jobs available in your area.

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