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By on September 14th, 2022


What is a Downing Students Content Creator?

If you have a love for social, are OBSESSED with the latest Tik Tok trends and enjoy being creative, becoming a Downing Students Content Creator is just for you! You will work with us to create content for Downing Students social media
channels. This could be anything from room tours, capturing events, exploring your city or showing us around your accommodation. We will collaborate with you by creating briefs and tasks that are suited to your
interests. We use Trello to post a variety of tasks and then you can pick and choose which you’d like to do!

As a thank you, we will give you vouchers for what you produce. The amount will depend on the breadth and complexity of the content produced.

What kind of projects can a Content Creator work on?


  • Things to do in your city
  • Study tips
  • Insight into student life
  • Attend events
  • Vlogs
  • Day In The Life of a Student
  • Explore your city
  • Room & Accommodation tours


What Is Expected Of A Downing Students’ Content Creator?


First and foremost, have fun with whichever project you are working on! You will be promoting and optimising on your own social channels as well as appearing on our social channels too, so be sure to share your experiences with your friends! Impress us with your ideas toom the more the better!

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Content Creator?

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Project assigning for Content Creators

Once we receive your Google form and learn a little bit more about you, we will share a link to our Trello board which gives full detail on all of the projects you can sign up to! Not familiar with Trello? Don’t worry, we can talk you through this!


The best part about being a content creator? You are rewarded with monetary vouchers from brands of your choice. Simply tell us which brand you would like a voucher for e.g. H&M, Primark, Asos, Amazon and much more. Amazing for those extra student supplies or a some well earnt retail therapy!

Downing Students Content Creator Rewards
How Do I Become A Downing Students Content Creator?

How Do I sign up to be a Content Creator?

If you are excited as we are at the thought of you creating content magic for us, send us a DM on Instagram @downing_students. It is that simple. We will then send over a Google Form for you to fill in so we can get to know your interests and match the project to you.


Don’t just take our word for it, see what existing Downing Student Content Creators experiences were like! Excited to be a Downing Students’ content creator? DM us to sign up!

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