Cheap & Easy Meals to Make This Winter

By on November 11th, 2016


Coming home and cooking a warming dinner can feel like a chore after a long day of studying. Fortunately though, there’s no shortage of recipes out there that are designed to have pure comfort food on your table in under half an hour, requiring very little prep and using minimal ingredients.

We’ve put together a few of our favourite fail-safe recipes that have been tried and approved by students. Take a look, update your shopping list and know that dinner is taken care of this winter.


1. Chilli con Tuna

Canned tuna makes a thrifty replacement for minced beef in this genius little dish that can be thrown together in minutes. Not only is tuna cheaper, it’s healthier too! All you’ll need is a handful of ingredients, as well as some rice or a jacket potato for serving. Throw in some kidney beans for extra protein and you’re golden.

Chilli con tuna in bowl

Recipe for Chilli con Tuna.


2. Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas

Mexican night (or maybe just grilled cheese night) becomes a doddle from now on, thanks to this super quick quesadilla recipe. It uses some simple tortillas for the base, which you can buy from any supermarket, and some pre-cooked chicken (buy it cooked or cook it yourself).

Then, you’ll just need salsa, cheese and any additional toppings you like such as sweetcorn or peppers, to make a delicious and filling meal.

Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas

Recipe for chicken & cheese quesadillas.


3. Minestrone Soup

This easy take on the Italian classic is the fastest way to get your veggie intake for the day and avoid a vitamin deficiency. It also tastes better than any packaged or tinned soup you could buy.

The best part of this dish is that it packs in the carbs and uses frozen veg to eliminate any chopping. What’s not to love?

Easy minestrone soup for students

Recipe for minestrone soup.


4. Gnocchi & Tomato Bake

This gnocchi & tomato bake is a different angle on the cheese-laden student staple you may be used to. Aside from the gnocchi itself, all you’ll need are some tinned tomatoes, basil leaves and either mozzarella or crème fraiche as part of a creamy topping. Whip this up in just half an hour and you’ll feel like you just stumbled upon a rustic feast.

Easy gnocchi and tomato bake
Photo via BBCGoodFood

Recipe for Gnocchi & Tomato Bake.


5. Thai Chicken Curry

Nothing warms you up faster on a cold night than a big bowl of fragrant curry. This Thai Green Curry is particularly simple and has been an all-round winner with students on its home, It uses only five ingredients (plus rice to serve), and can be spiced according to one’s own preferences, making it suitable for even non-curry lovers. You could also easily replace the chicken for tofu or more veggies.

Make this meal in a large batch to share with friends or freeze the leftovers.

Thai green chicken curry

Recipe for Thai Green Curry.


6. Bean & Sausage Hotpot

Of course there’s nothing like you’re mum’s cooking, and sometimes you’ll want to be reminded of that. This bean and sausage hotpot is here to sate all homely cravings, using succulent Cumberland sausage and simply butter beans, tomato sauce, sugar or treacle and just a pinch of English mustard. Served with crusty bread or mash, this makes the perfect winter warmer meal.

Simple bean & sausage hotpot

Recipe for Bean & Sausage Hotpot.

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