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Downing Students’ Guide to saving energy

Our students tell us that they want to live more sustainably.


91% of students are concerned by climate change

60% of students want to learn more about sustainability

So, to help you become more sustainable we are launching the Big Green Month at Downing in October. We will host a series of workshops and events to help students think green and pick up some energy saving tips and hacks.

Here we share some tips and also some surprising facts about energy consumption.

Turn the lights off

1. Start simple. Turn off the lights


We are all guilty of forgetting to switch lights off from time to time. However, remembering to switch off can make a big difference. Energy saving tip?

If every resident turned off their lights when they are out, annually it would save the equivalent of flying from London to Dubai.

Take shorter showers

2. 4-minute shower

The optimum shower time is four minutes. Did you know reducing your shower time from 8 minutes to 4 would save the equivalent of 32 Olympic swimming pools of water annually. Also, there are skin benefits as too much hot water can dry out your skin.

Save water

3. Don’t leave water running

Running a tap whilst brushing your teeth can waste up to 24 litres each day – more than what is used in the average modern dishwasher cycle!



4. Boil only the water you need


When filling the kettle up for a cup of tea, coffee or hot water, make sure you only boil the amount of water required. 200ml is the ideal amount for a single hot drink. Boiling double the water you need twice a day for a year uses almost as much energy as the average household consumes in one day.

Use a microwave

 5. Conserve energy, use a microwave


Use a microwave as much as possible while cooking. Not only do they use 50% less energy than an oven but it also speeds up mealtime.


6. Put a lid on it!


Putting a lid on your saucepan is another great energy saving tip-and speeds up cooking time too. Using the right-sized hob for your pans also helps.

Switch off - save on energy

7. Avoid Standby Mode


Did you know energy is still being used in standby? Easy hacks such as adjusting your phone or laptop screen settings and using power saving mode can help save energy by as much as 75%.


8. Unplug Unused Electrical Items


It’s crazy to think that even though we turn off electrical items, if they are still plugged in, they are still using up unused energy… unplug!

9. Layer up


Before switching on the heating, dig out your comfy jumpers, hoodies, and snug blankets. A jumper can add 3 degrees Celsius of warmth to your body. Try that before energy consumption.


10. Wash Your Clothes On A Lower Heat

They will be just as clean and less likely to shrink… yes some of us have learnt the hard way! Hanging laundry on clothing racks rather than using a dryer is not only energy efficient, but even helps you cut back on laundry costs.

11. Swap shops


Instead of throwing out any unwanted items from your wardrobe, attend nearby swap shops or take advantage of the Downing Students swap shops.


Help give pre-loved items a new lease of life by swapping with other residents all while minimizing waste! Whether it’s last year’s expensive textbooks or an Instagram-worthy outfit, residents can conveniently visit their Downing Students residence to drop off goods and pick up a new item! What if you don’t find something you like though? Don’t worry, you can save your swap shop token for the next Swap shop!


If you have enjoyed discovering our energy-saving tips, keep an eye out on our social media for more on The Big Green Month.

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