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It’s decision time! You’ve selected your university and secured your place, but where are you going to live? Wherever you decide to call home for the next year will have a big impact of your university experience

and making the wrong decision can put a damper on those first few months of independence!

Since Downing Students provides 8,000 beds across a number of student accommodation types in 10 of the UK’s leading university cities, we’ve broken down what you need to know and provided some handy

pros and cons on the main types of student living options available. Above all, remember it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, so think carefully about which is the right choice for you.

Shared apartments

Downing Students’ purpose-built shared apartments come in a variety of options, from a standard en-suite up to a deluxe plus en-suite, ranging in size depending on your budget. Each room comes with generous floor space, a contemporary en-suite shower room, a large bed, desk and chair, and tonnes of storage to ensure you have somewhere to put all of your things! You will also have access to a large modern shared kitchen which features a large fridge freezer, microwave, a table and chairs, a cooker with hob and a kettle and toaster, as well as a shared living area with TV and sofa. Students also have access to multiple communal amenities including features such as a cinema room, games room and in some of our buildings, a beautiful rooftop terrace.

Pros: While all of our student accommodation options are fantastic value for money, these are the most affordable for those on lower budgets. The shared kitchen also allows for you to meet new people and socialise off-campus, making friends that will last a lifetime!

Cons: If you are a little nervous about meeting new people sharing accommodation may feel a little daunting. However, it’s also a really exciting prospect but if it makes you feel anxious you can choose to live with friends or live with us in a studio room.

2DIO & 3DIO Shared apartments

The 2DIO and 3DIO shared apartments are a great way to buddy up with people and have your own little private two or three bedroom flat within a great student setting. You will still benefit from having access to all of the on-site communal amenities, but instead of an en-suite shower room, you will have one shower room to share between two (2dio) or two shower rooms to share between three (3dio) people within the apartment.

Pros: If you already have an idea of who you would like to live with, or if you’re wanting more of a typical apartment living situation, our 2DIO and 3DIO apartments are perfect for you! Also, with full access to all of the communal rooms, if you’re wanting a slightly quieter life with the option to socialise with larger groups when you choose to, this may be the perfect solution.

Cons: To put it simply, some people may not like the idea of sharing a bathroom! These options are also currently only available in London.

Studio apartment

Our self-contained, stunning studio apartments feature a large living space with a stylish double bed, arm chair, desk and desk chair, TV, lots of storage, and an en-suite shower room. What’s more, you get state-of-the-art private kitchen facilities in your room, including an integrated fridge with freezer compartment, microwave oven and electric hob, meaning not having to share cooking time with others!
Our contemporary studios come in bronze, silver, gold and platinum categories depending on the size, and are available across all of our locations.

Pros: Living in a studio is the best option for those who value their independence, but still want to make use of the fantastic communal areas Downing Students’ buildings have to offer. They are particularly popular with postgraduate or mature students who are looking for more study time, but suit students of all ages,

Cons: They are the most expensive options for student accommodation, but given all of the amazing features they come with, they are still excellent value for money!

Whatever you decide, make sure you keep these three things front of mind:


All of Downing Students’ buildings are within easy reach of the university campus, with some locations being closer than the university’s halls of residence, so you don’t need to choose between a good night’s sleep
and having time to get ready and finish your breakfast before you leave in the morning!

If you choose Downing Students, you will also benefit from inclusive bills, 24/7 security, high-speed WiFi, and a packed social events calendar of fun things to do. Each building also has a dedicated

hall management team to ensure you always have someone to call should you need advice or support.


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