How To Make the Most of Your Summer Break?

By on April 8th, 2022


How To Make the Most of Your Summer Break?

With so much time off after finishing university for the summer it would be a shame to let it go to waste and not live life to the fullest.

Whilst recharging your batteries with a well-earned rest from studying it is important you don’t want to feel like you’ve wasted your break. Whether it’s booking a holiday, going to a festival or getting a summer job, there are plenty of different ways to fill up your summer time.

Here’s some suggestions for how to make the most of your summer break.

Festival Lover

Want to work, but have fun or a free holiday thrown in too? If you’re a bit of an Opportunist student, the following might be your cup of tea. For the student who loves music and festivals, try volunteering at a festival. In the UK, there are plenty of music festivals such as Creamfields near Liverpool, BST Hyde Park and Wireless in London and Strawberries & Creem festival in Cambridge. All require short time staff from event stewards to working the bars.

Or if you just want to spend a weekend singing and dancing to music, you can buy tickets to any of the many festivals taking place across the country.

Job Seeker

There are plenty of summer schools, internships and lots of part-time work for the workaholic student. searching for opportunities, try recruitment websites and agencies like Reed, Indeed, Linked In, Office Angels and Pertemps who are constantly looking for uni students to help over the summer months and it is also a great way to improve your CV.

Clubbing Enthusiast

If you’re the type who has to go out at LEAST once a week and a bit of a clubber, you might prefer a summer holiday filled with sun, sand and Sambucas. There are plenty of great places to spend your holiday in the UK and go clubbing such as London which boasts hundreds of clubs dedicated to all genres of music from dubstep and trap to folk and indie.


There are plenty of unforgettable volunteer opportunities for university students, it is a chance to help others and make a difference. It also looks impressive on your CV, is a great thing to do and offers you an opportunity to meet new people and build networks

Be A Tourist in A New City

Fancy living in a new UK city and sampling something new? You could live at any Downing Student property during the summer months. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore new things, work in different cities, meet new people and sample new shops, bars and restaurants.
Whether you’re boosting your cv, broadening your horizons, exploring careers, enjoying some fun in the sun, or giving back to your community, there’s so much fun to be had during the summer months, so make the most of it!

At Downing Students, we offer the opportunity for you to book a short-term summer stay with us for as little as 2 weeks in London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Exeter, Newcastle, Coventry and Cambridge whether you are already a resident with us or not. So, it is perfect for those who are up for exploring a new city with friends or want to take up working opportunities in a new place.

Enjoy Your Summer!

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