How to Make Your Second Uni Semester Count

By on March 11th, 2016


Second semester may be well underway, but are you taking full advantage of these precious few months?

Whether your first semester was a blast or you had some difficulties adjusting to campus life, this second half of the year has huge potential in turning things around or boosting current achievements. You may want to achieve better grades, or put more effort into expanding your social life. Whatever you hope to get from your uni year, make it happen with these simple tips.

1. Review your progress

First thing’s first – you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’re coming from! So take some time to sit down and reflect on your first semester – what went right; what might have not gone so well; any achievements you made; your favourite classes, events, moments and so on.

This will not only remind you of the amazing progress you have made; it’ll also give you a clearer idea of what you hope to get out of the semester ahead.

2. Have a clear goal in mind.

It’s good to have a clear goal in mind as this will shape and guide your approach to uni life. Think about what you want to have achieved by the end of the year and how the steps you take now will help you achieve it. This could be to simply get good grades like a first or 2:1, or to get a placement for the following year. If you’re a third year student, you might wish to have secured a job before the end of the year or a place on a master’s course.

Of course, don’t forget personal goals too. You might hope to join a team, learn a new sport or skill, start your own society or have your band play the next Student Union event. Uni is about personal growth, not always about the academic.

3. Start something new.

Refresher’s Fair may have been and gone, but it’s never too late to join a new society, or indeed, simply start a new hobby. This could be something you wanted to try in your first semester, but were too afraid or couldn’t seem to fit into your schedule.

Whatever the reason, uni is one of the few opportunities to try new things without pressure or judgement, so it’s good to make the most of it while you can. If you’re shy, drag a friend along or find like-minded people who are interested in giving said hobby a try.

4. Learn to REALLY talk to your tutors.

Yes, it’s time! If you really want to get on the track to impressive grades, you need to learn to really meet and communicate with your tutors, preferably on a regular basis. Whether this is simply hanging back after a lecture, or dropping them an email to arrange a meeting…tutors will remember the students who put in this extra effort and always be more than happy to help.

You’ll also more likely have a better understanding of all your course material if you hear it from the horse’s mouth. So don’t be shy!

5. Make more time for positive friendships.

First semester might have brought you face to face with your BFF, or it might have landed you with a group of people you have hardly anything in common with. Whatever your social scenario, it’s crucial that you surround yourself with positive friendships as the year is coming to a close, as they will support and motivate you towards success.

Ditch shallow, detrimental, forced, awkward or toxic friendships that you don’t feel are benefiting you.

6. Don’t hesitate to re-organise.

Remember how fresh, organized and clear-minded you felt at the start of the year, when you’d bought new books, new supplies, and your planner was tidy? There’s no reason you can’t have that feeling back again.

Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a new set of folders, stationary, planners, or whatever else you need, in order to make yourself feel organised again. Not only will it tidy up your notes, it will also give you that fresh perspective you need.

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