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By on July 14th, 2017


Our new Downing Students building finally has a name!

Welcome to Glasgow – WEST VIEW

We have selected West View due to its proximity to its sister accommodation block West Village and the fact that you can view the river from some of the rooms! 

Thank you for all your suggestions! It made our job of naming the new accommodation much easier!

Downing Students is unveiling its brand new student accommodation September 2018.  It will be perfectly located next to our very popular West Village Accommodation Block in the West End of Glasgow.

We need your help to name the new student accommodation (and no, it’s not going to be ‘Building McBuildingface’), just check out our Facebook and Twitter for information of how to enter!


Here are some fun facts about the surrounding area to inspire you:

The new accommodation will be only a stone’s throw from the site of the first ever competitive international football match.  It was a match between Scotland and England played at the West of Scotland Cricket Ground.  The 4,000 spectators witnessed an underwhelming 0-0 draw but at least it didn’t span over the whole day, unlike the cricket…

The building will be located inside the perimeter of the third oldest underground rail network in the world.  The Glasgow District Subway, as it was then known, remains to this day the only underground network to be entirely hidden underground.

Enough about the interesting history, Glasgow also can say that it hosts the longest bar in Europe.  The Horseshoe Pub on Drury Street boasts the longest bar on the whole continent, stretching an impressive 104 ft 3in.  A perfect place to escape the Glasgow hustle and bustle and have a hot chocolate, or maybe something a little stronger.

Once suitably refreshed, you could go and visit some of the other local attractions.  On the doorstep of the new accommodation is an outstanding example of the River Clyde’s maritime history.  One of only five Clyde-built sail ships left afloat anywhere in the world.  So why not travel back in time and combine a trip to the special seafaring craft with a wander around the Glasgow Riverside Museum which won’t eat into your student budget, as it’s free!

From the museum you may be able to see the Glasgow Tower.  The tower is the only free standing structure anywhere in the world that can fully rotate 360o. It rotates in the wind and holds the Guinness-World Record for the tallest fully rotating free standing structure on Earth. Now if that’s not worth getting up for in the morning then I don’t know what is?

There is so much to do in Glasgow that I don’t have time to write it all down, and you don’t have time to read it, I’m sure you have a lecture to go to!  So without delay, Downing Students needs your help to ‘Name this building!’  So go onto our Facebook and Twitter to find out details of how to enter the competition, and don’t forget to like and share so we can get as many suggestions as possible.

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