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Here at Downing Students we love to hear about how university is bringing people together and sparking new friendships – after all, nothing beats a friendly face for getting the academic year off to a good start!


This year, socialising may be more difficult, but it’s never been so important to support each other, so to mark World Kindness Day (Friday 13th November) we wanted to share some of the incredible nominations we recently received for our ‘Nominate a Neighbour’ competition.


For the competition we asked you to tell us about the people who have helped shape your uni experience so far. Here are some of our favourite responses:

“She deserves a treat as she’s been a great flatmate and friend. I was taken to hospital a few weeks ago and she has been so supportive and helpful with things like shopping and laundry when I’m struggling. She’s even helped me catch up on lectures I’ve not been able to attend.
Plus, she makes a brilliant cuppa!”



“Myself and another flatmate have been ill, bedridden, and Nat has brought us food, drinks and chocolate. She has gone out of her way to make sure we are okay, even though we haven’t known each other for very long. It’s made the horrible situation of having the virus much easier!
We feel like a little family, Nat has brought us all together!”



“He has kept me sane during corona and has listened to me when I needed help, and brought me snacks to cheer me up!”







“Very caring and supportive, and always available for me to talk to about any anxiety’s I have. Made me feel very welcome from the first day I got here!”



“Alex is the nicest person, always offering to help out and cook food, gives good advice and support.”




“Because he is the nicest, funniest boy and just as much as I help him he always helps me and has my back. He has made my experience of uni so far amazing!”


“Because they are struggling being away from home and they deserved something to cheer them up :)”





“I have bad arthritis in my hands and really struggle sometimes to do the most basic tasks when I have a flare up. Stacey will often go out and get my shopping and will do my washing up without even being asked. She’s such a big supporter of me and has the kindest heart!”



“From the first time we met she made me feel right at home and I knew we would get on very well. With the way the COVID situation is at the moment, having someone in your flat you can speak to is very important for your mental health, and she is so open and friendly making the whole process of moving away much more enjoyable.
She is such a lovely and selfless person.”




“Keeps me company and makes cookies for the flat!
She’s very kind and funny and always gives us interesting commentary on the films we watch and funny facts :)”

Thank you to everyone for your nominations, and for being such fantastic flatmates and neighbours! We have picked some lucky winners to receive a range of treats from us, so keep an eye out to see if you’ve won!


Remember little acts of kindness can make a huge difference to people’s lives – especially at the moment.


To help you mark World Kindness Day 2020 and make kindness the norm, we also wanted to share some top tips from the organisers.


Visit the website for a collection of other fun resources to help celebrate #worldkindnessday.

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