PBSA v HMO – Which Student Accommodation is best for you?

By on February 3rd, 2023



Which Student Accommodation is best for you?


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What is HMO and PBSA?

The most exciting thing about moving to university is the independence you gain, especially if it is your first time moving away from home. When researching accommodation providers, have a clear understanding of what options are available to you.

HMO is private housing in residential properties shared by multiple occupants. Students and young professionals tend to move to this type of accommodation after the first year or after graduating for a more independent living environment.

Purpose Built Student Accommodation is exactly that. Buildings that have been designed around every need of a student. Typically, you can live on your own in a studio apartment or within a shared apartment where you can live with other students, and have your own bedroom and ensuite but share a kitchen and lounge.

When choosing your accommodation, opt for one that includes lots of added benefits in its pricing. For example, with Downing Students all bills are included in your rental charge and you also have access to added facilities such as gyms and cinema rooms. Meaning you don’t have to splurge on a gym membership. You even get to choose who you live with when you and your friends book as a group. What more could you need?

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