Shared Apartment VS Studio – Which is Best for You?

By on March 25th, 2022


Trying to decide between shared apartment or studio for your university accommodation? There are pros and cons to both, so read on to find out which is best for you!

Pros of a Studio Flat

More Privacy

You can really enjoy your own privacy in a studio, which is great for those that love their own space and their own company.


Having your own studio means that your surroundings are lovely and quiet, which is ideal when it comes to studying!

Fewer Distractions

It’s great to be able to go back to your own place and study alone. At all Downing Students properties, you can always have people join you in the shared common room for a group study session if there isn’t enough space in your room for everything.

Not Relying on Other Flat Mates to Keep Areas Clean

Living in a studio means the cleanliness is all down to you, which could either go one way or the other. That’s why you need to make sure you keep on top of your chores, then you’ll be living the absolute dream in your studio!

Cook Whatever You Like, Whenever You Like

If you fancy a curry at midnight, then have a curry at midnight! Living in your own studio apartment means your kitchen will be exactly how you left it.

Pros of a Shared Apartment

Cheaper Than a Studio

One of the biggest pros about staying in shared accommodation is that the price point can  lowers than a studio. Obviously, it depends on what kind of apartment you get and which area you choose, but sharing a flat with 4-6 people normally works out to be cheaper than renting on your own.

Social Advantage 

Living in shared accommodation basically sets you up with friends straight away, Of course, not everyone develops a special bond with their housemates, but even if you don’t, you still have the company!

Share the Boring Chores

Let’s face it, cleaning isn’t that fun of a task and as they say, a problem shared is a problem halved. Provided everyone is responsible and respectful, you can establish a cleaning rota, which could leave you only cleaning one a month!

Save on the Food Shop

Nothing is better than saving money here and there and with flat mates you can do just that. Save buying 5 of each basic fridge necessity and all chip in for one big food shop you can all share, meaning your weekly food shop could cost as little as £5.

More Space to Have More Guests 

Want to hang out with your friends without having to use the provided social space? It is easy when your kitchen and lounge are not in your bedroom leaving you to invite a lot more people over but still being in your own space.

Cons of a Studio Flat

Can Not Host Many People

Even though you have more freedom with picking a choosing when you want to socialise, it can be harder to have larger groups of people come over to your studio, luckily Downing Students’ accommodations all have Common areas.

Won’t Be in all the Student Action

A reason many students don’t want to live isolated is because they will be away from all the student action which for a lot of people, makes the university experience whole.
If you want to make memories the proper student way with the shared flat, late nights and amazing memories, then maybe looking at studio apartments would be much more beneficial to consider as a 2nd or 3rd year option rather than a 1st year.

Begin to Feel Lonely

When you live alone, it can be all too easy to accidentally shut yourself off from the outside world. Getting that balance between enjoying alone time and socialising with other people is really important.

Cons of a Shared Apartment

Personal Space Issues

If you desperately need your own space, beyond your bedroom that is, and don’t like other people touching your stuff than a studio flat might be a better fit for you.


One of the main disadvantages about living in a shared flat is that there can be must be the background noise making it sometimes a bit of a challenge to concentrate on one’s work. Falling asleep can also be a bit hard when people are talking in the kitchen or coming back from clubbing at 3am.


You might find in a shared apartment you will be pulling your weight more than others when it comes to cleaning which can lead to frustration or tension with other flat mates. The best way for a quick resolution with this is having a cleaning chart so everyone does their fair share of cleaning.

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