Ten Cheap And Cheerful Ways To Have Fun In January

By on January 13th, 2016


Nights out in January can be few and far between. But, just because you don’t have a lot of spare cash after Christmas, it doesn’t mean you have to stay in every night. There are lots of ways to have cheap and cheerful fun on an evening away from your laptop.

We think you may have tried a few things already. But, just in case cash is getting tighter as January takes hold of your bank account, here are our prime tips for having fun at the start of a new year.

1. Pre-Drinks and Games

Yes, we know you want to get out and about to have fun… but why not start the party at home? As you already know, supermarkets’ own brands of alcohol are a lot cheaper than down at the pub – sometimes up to five or six times cheaper! Just remember to always drink responsibly. Initiate a few party games, too, this will go a long way to getting the night off to a bang at home. Our favourite? That would be ‘I have never’… simply take it in turns to say a sentence which starts with “I have never…” and away you go.

2. Have An Inbetweener

Alternate your alcoholic drinks with some pints of water and you’ll feel better in the morning for more than the fact you have spent less money! Dehydration is the biggest problem stemming from a hangover, but water will solve that. It is also free – but remember to ask for tap water and don’t get stung by a soda water. It will also quench your thirst and fill you up quicker, meaning no more room for alcohol!

3. Say ‘No’ To Rounds

Sure, it seems friendly to get involved in a round with everybody else… but the festive season is over and now’s the time to keep an eye on your money and think thrifty. Large rounds cost big money and rarely work out fairly (think of that friend who drinks quicker than everybody else and always insists on shots) – your budget will be better spent suiting yourself. And you can drink at your own pace without the peer pressure of keeping up with the gang.

4. Load Up On Carbs

We’ve all done it: set and stuck to a budget on a night out… only to hit the kebab shop or burger joint on the way home for some Midnight munchies. There’s £10 you’ll never see again! Why not load up on carbs before you hit the bars? A big meal at home is a lot cheaper (and healthier) than an early-hours take away and you’re in charge of what you eat. Load your meal up with carbs and don’t go out on an empty stomach.

5. Leave Your Card Behind

Remember the morning after that big Christmas night out when you grabbed your phone and checked your bank balance? We’ll bet it didn’t make for nice reading… guarantee your account stays the same as it was when you started your night out by leaving your bank cards at home. It’s the safest way to stick to a budget and means you’ll never be tempted by that one last club…

6. Why Wait For The Weekend?

We all complain about how busy Friday and Saturday nights are, but never do anything about it. Why not put club queues and taxi rank lines behind you and hit the town during the week? Lots of bars and clubs have great offers on from Monday to Thursday and you’ll find that the weekend isn’t always where it’s at… sometimes the best nights come when everybody is out ‘just for a quiet one’. The fact is that bars and clubs in student towns will always be cheaper on a Tuesday, than a Saturday. And still as busy!

7. Share A Taxi

If you MUST travel in style, then make sure you and your friends share a taxi. Often, it will cost less than the bus or train fare into town, if a handful of you travel together. Find an obvious meeting point, close to you all, and you’ll end up paying a fraction of the price. You can also improve the reputation of students everywhere by offering the driver a tip from your savings!

8. Stay Alert For Offers

Before venturing out, get online and see who has the best offers. Check your pals’ social media accounts and find out who took advantage of a cheap offer last night. For example, beer on tap is nearly always cheaper than bottled beers, while pitchers of cocktails are more budget-friendly than individual drinks. Have a look in the bar first and see if you can spot any drinks offers… if you see one, dive in!

9. Find Cash Machines That Are Free

We know it’s a lot easier to use the ATM in the newsagents at the end of the road. But, those extra charges can add up and eat into that last fiver you think you have saved for the journey home. Think of your budget and make sure you use cash machines that are free – most are, so it’s not like you’ll have too far to walk. That extra ten minutes on the pavement could be the different between an extra hour on the dancefloor later on, so think wisely! And remember that most cash machines inside bars and clubs will charge, so be prepared.

10. Staying In Is The New Going Out

If money is particularly tight, then perhaps it is time face the inevitable and opt for a night in. That doesn’t mean to say you can’t have fun, though! Surely you or one of your friends got a new boxset or Netflix subscription for Christmas? Save big money on alcohol and get the popcorn and snacks in! Hit the supermarkets late on, before you start your series marathon, and find the reduced offers. Before you know it, you and a few friends will be starting your sixth episode of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ while tucking into that fourth box of reduced-price Pringles. Enjoy!

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