The Do’s and Don’ts of Freshers’ Week

By on September 20th, 2021


As you prepare to hit the town for some serious Freshers’ Week fun, here are some do’s and don’ts to help you prepare for a week you’ll never forget!

DO go into Freshers’ Week with an open mind

The first week is bound to bring on a lot of nerves, but don’t let that ruin the amazing memories you have a chance to create. Remember you’re not the only person who feels that way – everyone is on the same journey.

DO attend Freshers’ fairs

Freshers’ fairs a great way to get to know what your university has to offer. They also give you a chance to sign up for societies that match your hobbies, sports or career paths you enjoy, which is a good way of making new friends and looks great on your CV! Most Freshers’ fairs also offer the chance to get some free goodies and pizza – so it’s worth going just for that.

DON’T worry if you don’t meet your best friend in the first week

You’re not necessarily going to meet your best friend in the first week in a new city and that’s not a bad thing, there’s plenty of time. But do make an effort to bond with your flatmates because that can help create friendships that last throughout university.

DO participate in Downing student events

Speak to your halls managers or look out on our Instagram @dowing_students for the latest updated on what events are being held in your accommodation and don’t forget to pop down and make use of your social areas whether it’s for a game of pool, a movie night or even a study session.

DON’T turn an invite down

Freshers’ Week gives you a chance to explore your city and get to know the area before university starts, so don’t turned down an invite to explore it with new friends or flatmates.

DO set yourself a budget for Freshers’ Week

Remember your money has got to last you! Make the most of everyday, but don’t forget to save wherever you can. Whether that’s by bringing food and drinks with you before you move in or making sure to shop at student friendly places. Always remember to check UNIdays and Student Beans to get the best discounts online and instore!

DON’T panic if you’re feeling home sick

We have all felt homesick before, especially in first week of university and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. There is always someone to talk to whether it’s someone from your halls team, a flatmate or a new friend, you’re certainly not the only person feeling like this. And remember, home is just a phone or video call away.

DO remember the importance of staying safe

Staying safe is the most important part of Freshers’ Week. Make sure you are in control of all situations. Be careful with your personal information – you don’t have to add everyone on social media in your first week. Have a look into what transport is accessible in your new city. Some universities offer ‘safety buses,’ a volunteer run service that will scoop you up and take you home, usually at a lower cost of £1. It’s a good idea to always travel as a group. Not only is it a great time to bond with your new flatmates, but you can all look out for each other as you explore new areas.


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Coventry University

University of Warwick


The University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Napier University

Queen Margaret University


University of Exeter


University of Glasgow


Leeds Beckett University

The University of Leeds


Liverpool John Moore’s University

The University of Liverpool


Kings College London

University college London

University of London

London Metropolitan University


The University of Newcastle

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