19 Things You Need to Do Before Leaving Uni

By on May 19th, 2016


Are you graduating this year? If so you may be spending a fair bit of your time mourning the good old (fresher) days and worrying about what lies ahead.

But instead of letting the job applications overwhelm you, why not take your remaining time to make the most of what uni is really all about? Take a look at our list of 20 things we think every student ought to have done before leaving uni. You’re bound to enjoy the challenge of getting them all done…and may even experience life as a student in a whole new way.

1. Hand in an essay early.
Just to prove you can.

2. Arrange a huge water fight on a campus green space.
Use water balloons, super soakers…the lot.

3. Join a society if you haven’t already.
Or if there isn’t one that takes your fancy, start one.

4. Hire a bike.
Check out your town’s city bikes or make use of your uni’s bike scheme.

5. Attend a lecture from another department.
Anything you’ve ever been curious about – now’s your chance to cram in that knowledge.

6. Have a BBQ on the beach.
If your town or city doesn’t have a beach close by, you might use the local park or green space instead.

7. Head out early and watch the sun rise.
This is a perfect photo (or Instagram) opportunity.

8. Wake up before your first lecture and do an hour of exercise.
We promise you’ll love that sense of achievement before 9am.

9. Go on a night out without drinking.
Because who needs alcohol to have fun?

10. Take part in a protest/campaign/demonstration.
Part of being a student is showing your activism. Get out there – it feels good.

11. Play an elaborate prank on a housemate.
We must stress though, this shouldn’t involve anything that might jeopardise the safe return of your flat deposit.

12. Make friends with/get to know an international student.
It’s nice to make them feel at home, and you may even nab yourself a place to take a vacation this summer.

13. Organise or take part in something for charity.
You’re not officially a student until you’ve made yourself look as ridiculous as possible in order to help those in need.

14. Sign or start a petition within your student union.
Make sure you’ve had your say before you depart campus forever.

15. Learn to cook a dish without using anything processed.
That means no Dolmio pasta sauce or Heinz baked beans.

16. Cook a roast dinner with your flatmates.
The most important meal any independent being will ever master. Cooking up a roast dinner with your fellow dwellers can be tons of fun and will add a sense of tradition to your Sunday.

17. Get to know your favourite tutor a little better.
They’ll help you in your time of need, make great alumni contacts and write impressive references. There’s no reason not to.

18. Visit the local galleries/museums.
Try and get your fill of the local culture whilst making use of student concession prices.

19. Pay a visit to the careers department (or attend a Careers Festival).
This is kind of important if you want to get your job hunt off to the best start, even if you’re already sure of what you want to do. Your uni’s Careers department can point you in the right direction and offer tips and resources for securing your dream career. Whatever you might get up to in the next few weeks, this one is worth making time for.


Are there any other things you plan to do before saying goodbye to student life? Let us know in the comments section below.

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