Tips for Travelling this Christmas: Essential Student Checklist

By on December 10th, 2021


As the festive season approaches, we know a lot of our residents will be travelling to see friends and family to celebrate Christmas.  But, before you pack your bags and head off, there are a few things you need to remember!

At Downing Student, we have pulled together our ultimate Christmas checklist to make sure you can really relax over the holidays – and won’t be the least popular resident when you return!

Let your friends/family know your travel plan

It is always best to let people know your travel plans before you set off, you may be comfortable travelling alone, but your friends and family back home may be nervous for you. Help them relax by letting them know your plans.

Empty the fridge

The worst thing you can do is head home for four weeks, only to arrive back to milk that’s turned to cheese. Make sure the fridge is completely empty before you go.

The fridge will absolutely stink if you don’t and you may find yourself not that popular with the other residents, so make sure that you use up those Christmas dinner leftovers before you head home.

Tidy up your room before you go

Picture the scene: it’s January, the post-holiday blues have kicked in and you’re missing the comforts of home. The last thing you want to face is a messy room with the leftovers from last month’s assignment-writing chaos strewn across your desk.

Give your room a quick tidy – and maybe even give your bed some fresh sheets! We promise, it will make all the difference when returning to your home, away from home.

Download Life360

This is the best app for traveling. Anyone that also has the app can see exactly where you are, get notifications if your phone dies or is on low battery, and even find out how far away you are. It’s the perfect app for anxious travellers.

Bring food/drink

With the weather getting wilder, public transport can often the most affected. A one-hour train journey could turn into three, so it’s always worth being prepared. Whether it’s with refreshments and food, or even bringing a portable phone charger – no one wants to be left without music on a long journey!

Don’t overpack

Reminder: You will be alone. That means no one will be there to help carry your extra bags or assist you in lifting your heavy luggage into an overhead compartment. It’s crucial to pack only what you need and can carry so pack smartly.

You’ll be grateful for this pointer when you’re watching other poor souls dragging their suitcases through a busy train station!

Travel by taxi

If you are travelling locally, it is always best when it gets dark to get a taxi. Better still, pre-arrange your transport on arrival. Although this will cost more, for the peace of mind it brings, this is money well spent.

And lastly – ENJOY

If you are going away then bring some home with you – whether this is a mini-Christmas tree, a few small gifts or even some cosy Christmas jumpers. Whether you’re travelling home or away, enjoy spending quality time with your loved ones, stress-free.

We wish you the very best of time whatever you will be doing over the holiday period, whether working, studying or relaxing.

Happy Holidays from all of the Downing Students team !

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