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By on February 13th, 2024


HOW TO PREPARE FOR LIFE AFTER GRADUATION With our graduate career tips

Preparing for life after university? This week, we share our guide of information and top graduate career tips to help you achieve your perfect graduate role. If you are not sure where to begin when it comes to life after graduating, start off by looking at our life after graduating guide to get you off on the right foot.

graduate career tips

Continuous Learning

Learning never stops. Stay up to date with relevant industry trends, technologies, and skills in demand.  Consider online workshops and courses to enhance your skill sets and qualifications to become more noticeable to employers.

Structure your interview responses

Practice interview questions and answers, particularly within the industry you are looking to work in. Some good graduate career tips are to use the PAR (problem, action, result) structure to help you successfully demonstrate your skillset and experience.

Show initiative

By no means should you wait for the perfect job vacancy to appear. Why not think outside the box and approach companies. This shows initiative and enthusiasm.

Tailor your applications

It may seem like a good idea sending off multiple generic applications, but this is pointless. Tailor each application specifically to the role and company. This way you can show how passionate you are.

Keep track of your career journey

A good idea whilst career searching is to keep track of your applications. What stage you have reached, key dates, contacts, and any other important information.




Highest Paid Graduate Jobs

If you are still undecided on which industry to delve into, here are just a few of the highest earning roles you can expect.
Product Manager – £51,631
Investment Consultant – £45,163
Trainee Solicitor – £43,907
Trainee Accountant – £35,010
Graduate Sales Engineer – £34,576
Analyst – £33,484
Trainee recruitment – £26,449

Top careers conferences to attend

Build up your contacts by networking with likeminded professionals and get yourself in front of potential employers by attending a career conference near you. Here are a few coming up this year.
5th MarchFestival of Apprenticeships, London – ideal for meeting potentials employers
26th & 27thLondon Job Show – free workshops and career clinics with the chance to find future employers and jobs
19th- 21st JuneThe Big Bang Fair, Birmingham– calling all scientists and engineers! Attend for a range of amazing hands- on workshops and activities

You can check out more job fairs in your nearest city here.

Our top graduate resources

Survive and thrive – the perfect book to read helping you prepare for life after university
Bright Network – showcases a range of graduate roles, work experience and volunteering opportunities
Graduate Jobs – more graduate roles and internships!

We would love to hear your graduate success stories and if any of our graduate career tips have supported you. Share them with us by today.

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