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By on May 8th, 2019






It’s coming to the end of the final term and whether you’re staying or moving on, it’s time for the dreaded clear out. The annual event that more often than not leaves you sitting in the middle of your room in a pile of clothes and clutter asking yourself why you started in the first place!

Need some motivation? We’ve found a few nice ways you can turn your clutter into kindness by donating your unwanted bits and bobs to those who really need it. Did you know you can benefit the lives of others by donating everything from your old duvet to your bras? You can even donate make up you don’t use anymore.


Take a look at some of the charities doing remarkable work that you can get involved with by donating!



Give and Make Up accept donations of toiletries and make up, and give them to women who have escaped abuse and make it to refuges with next to no belongings. The rule is pretty simple, if it’s good enough that you would give it to a friend, you can donate it.



Although it’s getting warmer, we all know too well how quickly winter comes back around! Winter is a tough time for the dog’s trust shelters due to running low on essentials such as duvets, blankets and towels. Help give them a head start this year! You can simply drop your donated items off during opening hours at your nearest shelter.



Smalls for All is a Scottish charity who send bras and underwear to women in Africa who are at risk of being abused. The charity also helps children and those in hospital suffering from medical conditions such as obstetric fistula.



The British Heart Foundation (if you didn’t already know) is a charity that funds research to save lives! For every £1 raised, around 75p goes straight to funding research on heart and circulatory diseases, and the risk factors that cause them. The BHF accept donations of pretty much everything that is sell-able including clothes, bags, shoes, books, music, DVDs, toys and more.


You can donate your items personally or speak to your halls team to find out how you can organise a bigger group donation.

Tidy room

Help others

Reduce waste (AKA SAVE THE WORLD!)

What could be more rewarding!

Side note: If you can’t donate it – RECYCLE RECYCLE RECYCLE!


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