Why University Clearing Can Be A Good Thing?

By on August 17th, 2022


There are a lot of emotions associated with UCAS clearing, but for whatever reason you’re looking at your course options again: clearing is always an opportunity. Clearing 2022 can actually be the lucky break you never knew you needed.

You’re not alone

Don’t forget there will be so many people in the exact same position in the build up to results day. Feeling excited, worried, anxious, scared to get out of bed and face the world, wondering what to do with your life if it doesn’t all go to plan. If you’re feeling overwhelmed talk to friends, family and teachers. They’re all there to help you get through this process and to help you find your perfect course.

What to expect from the clearing process

If you have your exam results and they didn’t turn out as expected for your conditional offer, one of the first next steps you can take is to call your first choices. Speaking with an admissions tutor may be all it takes. The pace of clearing is fast, so whatever happens, make sure you are prepared. Some universities might want to just see grades, others may want a telephone interview, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared!

What happens if I don’t have the right results?

You have your heart set on going to university, but your first choice may not happen- it isn’t the end of the world like it initially feels. Firstly don’t panic, speak to your university to see if there’s any flexibility with admissions. If all else fails look at other similar courses in different locations and universities – it could be your best decision yet!

Stay positive – don’t rush your decisions

You can handle anything that comes your way. Don’t feel like you have to quickly choose a course or university just for the sake of it or because your friends are on track for the academic year. You might realise that you aren’t actually ready for university – a gap year could be ideal. Time to tick off places on your bucket list and realise exactly what it is you want to do next.

Stay calm

Clearing can be a stressful experience, especially if you don’t get the A Level results you were expecting. Results day itself is even more stress than the actual exams! Just remember that there are always other options out there, you just need to be aware of what they are. Don’t forget to keep talking to friends and family, they’re there to support you!

Clearing - Do Your Research

Do your research

Clearing 2022 courses still come on a first come first served basis, so make sure you know what it is you want out of university and know what options are available. Some universities even have clearing open days – a great chance to get a real feel for the campuses. Make as many phone calls as you need to, and ask as many questions as you can to gather as much information as possible for the academic year ahead. Be mindful of student accommodation options too – don’t feel like you have to settle for less!

Can you change your chosen course if you’ve changed your mind through clearing?

Results day is here; you have smashed those entry requirements and now you are panicking, doubting if this is really the course or university for you. University clearing is ideal to reconsider and choose something you may feel more suited to. Nothing is set in stone at this stage, you have time to think about your goals and change your mind.

Talk to friends and family

Like we’ve said, sometimes just saying things out loud helps. Surround yourself by family and friends during clearing 2022 – they can offer you advice and help you with applying through UCAS.

Take a digital detox

It’s an easy habit to fall into. Scrolling through Tik Tok, “just for 5 mins” …4 hours later & you are fully invested in other people’s success stories of how they have applied to university.

Small changes like turning off your notifications and limiting phone or laptop usage can make a big difference and totally change your mindset.

Digital Detox

Ultimately, clearing doesn’t have to be stressful. With the right mindset and research behind you, university clearing could be the best decision you ever make- falling in love with a course that is perfect for you, making friends for life too. After all, university is all about the experience too.

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