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By on August 9th, 2022


In case you haven’t found a suitable course yet for 2022/23, check out what you need to do to apply for Clearing. Our guide covers everything from what is clearing and who is eligible, to the UCAS process and how to prepare!

What Is UCAS Clearing?

UCAS clearing- also known as the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service is by no means the pity party many think it is. It is an opportunity for many students to reconsider studying at university at the last minute. University clearing is also a time to fill empty places on courses too. Without UCAS clearing, some courses may not even be able to run due to the lack of numbers. Of course, it is disappointing when you get your expected exam results if they don’t meet your expectations, but clearing is that second chance to attend university. They do say everything happens for a reason!

Is There A Stigma Attached To Getting A University Place Through Clearing?

There shouldn’t be! Multiple myths surround clearing including “Clearing is only for those who failed in their exam results” or “Clearing is full of courses nobody wants” which is not the case. You may even find yourself simply just wanting to change universities after you have already applied to university.

When Is UCAS Clearing 2022?

A- Level Results Day is 18th August this year and for many, this is when clearing will begin. UCAS clearing is available until all university places are filled, which can end as late as 18th October!

University Clearing 2022

Can You Take Part In Clearing If You Didn’t Complete Any University Applications?

Absolutely! It is becoming more and more common for students to apply to university for the first time though UCAS clearing, with thousands of students applying each year through this system, with a continuous rise in numbers.

When Can You Apply For University Clearing?

There is no specific date to begin enrolment in clearing 2022, however we recommend if you are seeking a university place via UCAS clearing, you should do so sooner rather than later. A next step after this would be to secure your student accommodation, our friendly team are always on hand to answer any queries you may have! 

Clearing 2022

Who Is Eligible For UCAS Clearing?

Primarily for prospective university students, UCAS clearing is also available in further education colleges with available places.

How Long Does UCAS Clearing Take?

University clearing has no specific time frame and depends totally on your situation. You may have already completed a UCAS application earlier in the year and find you don’t need to spend a lot of time completing clearing. If UCAS clearing 2022 is your first application, you will need to make sure you complete a full application when you begin the process.

What Is The Process Of UCAS Clearing?

You can begin your clearing journey as soon as you have your exam results. The next steps would be to contact universities to discuss options and course availability. By this point you should receive an offer which is then added to UCAS track where you are updated on the process of your application.

How Do You Accept A UCAS Clearing Offer?

You have finally found a course through clearing, spoken with the university and then receive a verbal offer! To officially accept your clearing offer, you will need to log in to ‘UCAS Track’ via the UCAS hub and add the course as a clearing choice. To do this, you must have your UCAS clearing number to hand, so make sure you keep this in a safe place.

How To Prepare For University Clearing

First and foremost, do your research! Make sure you remain calm and try not to panic- another myth that surrounds clearing is that it is a rushed process and you need to act fast towards securing the next steps towards your future… not true!

Create an action plan of: what your options are, which universities you want to contact, course availability and any information you will need ahead of entering university clearing. It may be a good idea to have your personal statement to hand too. Remember to be patient and trust the process- universities have hundreds of applications to get through so they may not get back to you until the following day.

Do Universities Accept Lower Grades Through Clearing?

Not always, no. During university clearing, some universities may revise the entry requirements for particular courses during clearing, but be mindful of the fact you will still need relevant qualifications during UCAS clearing for specific courses.

Can You Change Your Mind During Clearing?

UCAS clearing 2022 is the ideal time to reconsider your original course options for something more suited and beneficial to you. You should make sure that you decline any conditional offers before accepting new offers as this can affect your new course choice. Clearing Plus, found in the UCAS hub is another great tool designed to match you to your ideal course along with insights as to what Universities are looking for within students.

Clearing Advice For Parents And Guardians

Parents and guardians, consider planning various trips to different campuses and universities to help with the decision-making process. Whilst one university may be perfect course-wise, the environment may not be. Some universities even offer clearing open days, so it may be wise to book onto these ahead. Another top tip is to try and not plan any holidays around exam results day or during clearing as it may be harder to make or receive calls or emails.

What Should You Do If The Course You Want Isn’t Listed For Clearing?

This is usually a sign that your chosen course is full if it is not listed. In this case, you could look at combined courses that offer a mix of subjects, or even look at similar courses at a different university.

Are The Fees And Finance Options The Same For Clearing Courses?

Usually, finance options are the same as when you have applied to university normally. If it is your first time applying for your student loan through clearing 2022 however, once your course is confirmed it is best to contact student finance almost straight away to make sure your tuition and any student loans are paid on time. If you have already applied for student finance but for a different course, we highly recommend doing this as soon as you can to make sure you receive the right amount.

What Does Clearing Mean For Your Student Accommodation?

Once you have your perfect course, you need to find accommodation to match. Accommodation may be booked on a first come first serve basis. However, if you are looking to secure that Silver Studio with us over at City Village, fear not as we can certainly provide you with some of our spacious en-suites apartments, with our infamous large beds that double up as THE best storage space!

City Village Student Accommodation London

Trust the clearing process! Clearing can be a blessing in disguise and one of the best choices you may make for your life ahead. Make sure you have a plan b if your exam results don’t meet those conditional offers, and once you have secured that all important university offer, we are here to make booking your student accommodation as easy as possible!

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