10 Study Tips For Keeping On Top of Uni

By on January 27th, 2023


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Study time may seem overwhelming and you may not know where to begin. It may seem like your whole life depends on the perfect essay or exam results, but studying does not need to take over your life. With the right study habits, you can study smarter and not harder. To make your university life that little bit easier, here are some of our top study tips.

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What Are Some General Studying Tips?

Begin by using these study tips as a starting point.

  • Reading Is Not Studying– re-reading text or notes is not engaging and leads to quickly forgetting- instead breaking things down with things like mind mapping or flash cards.
  • Be Consistent– it’s far more effective to get a little bit done every day than to get a lot done in a frantic studying binge.
  • Set Specific Goals and deadlines – setting yourself short-term deadlines will allow you to avoid procrastination and the stress of cramming. Give yourself specific study hours
  • Review– practising the information you have learnt is the best way to retain information, use friends to help you with this.
  • Reward Yourself– take regular breaks in between studying and do things you enjoy, whether it is a Netflix series or enjoying a tasty treat, you name it!


Find What Works

Whether it is practice tests, self-quizzing, mind mapping or creating prompt cards, try study methods that help you retain information effectively and manage your time. The Arch resident James shares some of his top tips on how to deal with stress while studying which can also help you.

Get Your Study Environment Ready

A clean and tidy workspace means a clear mind for your study session. Begin by organising your desk to locate everything you need for a good study session.


Bring a Friend- arrange a study group

Try study sessions with your course mates- you can book out your resident study spaces and common rooms to eliminate distractions!

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Put Study-Positive Music On

Get creative and put together a study playlist ready for you to power ahead and be productive with your study sessions.

Use Quiet time effectively

If you have the afternoon off university or downtime during lectures, use this time wisely. There is nothing worse than leaving deadlines or revision until the last minute, something we have all been guilty of!

Get Regular Exercise

Make the most of your resident gym to burn off any built-up stress. Not only is regular exercise a great stress release, but helps improve your concentration and memory, allowing you to retain information better.
Our residences in Vega, City Village and The Kingfisher have some of the most scenic views which are ideal for walks, and perfect for you to explore when taking a study break.

Eliminate Distractions

It is so easy to procrastinate, especially if there are distractions surrounding you. Break away from social gatherings in your flat kitchen and living spaces, and power through studying in your room. Make a pact with yourself to avoid checking your social media until your study session is over. It might be worth a change of scenery by studying in your university library too, with some of the best facilities available for you.

If you’re struggling, take a look at our blog about eliminating distractions.

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Snack On Smart Food & Drinks

Ever the advocates of a healthy diet, try our favourite study snacks and drinks:

  • Nuts – full of good fats and magnesium which helps keep stress levels low.
  • Berries – packed with vitamin C, helping to reduce stress and keeping your immune system strong
  • Oatmeal – high in magnesium & potassium which are great for overcoming anxiety
  • Dark chocolate – excellent for cravings and, even better, it is scientifically good for you, producing endorphins that increase blood flow to the brain.

The infamous energy drinks may ‘give you wings’ for a limited time but have zero health benefits in the long run. Instead, try:

  • Black & Green tea contains just the right of caffeine and theanine to boost energy and improve your focus.

Top 5 Free Study Apps

Finally, here are our top 5 free Study apps to help with study techniques

Quizlet– perfect for making virtual flashcards
Trello- ideal for mind mapping and to-do lists
My study life – manage your tasks and assignments in one place
Everyday – track your habits and goals to help you and your study habits
Egenda- great for managing deadlines

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