What type of student accommodation is right for you?

By on July 29th, 2022


Are you prepared for the university term ahead? Have you decided on your student accommodation for your first year? Or are you a returning student looking to save money on rent but you’re not sure where to begin? Cut out the adult admin of endless researching and let your wonderful personality help you decide on your next home away from home with us and take our quick quiz below.

First up…

1. It’s Exam season, how do you manage?

A) Quick scroll of Tik Tok for 10 mins…

B) Study central

C) Denial, revision tomorrow

2. How clean do you keep your space?

A) Owner of a floor-drobe

B) Clean as I go

C) Team work on the chores!

 3. What’s your ideal evening activity?

A) Shots in the communal kitchen of course

B) Gym workout

C) Watch Netflix

4. What’s your ideal drink?

A) Shots

B) No drink for me

C) Cocktail

5. What’s your go to lazy dinner?

A) Pot noodle

B) Pesto pasta

C) Flatmate’s leftovers

Mostly A? You are… City Village Vibe Tribe!

You are all about socialising, and love making friends. You want your first year of university to be a fun and memorable one, and staying in City Village Coventry is just the location for you. You are always up for a laugh, a good night out or games night in when that student loan instalment has run out. You love bonding over mealtimes, and sharing those chores equally! The large communal living areas are perfect for studying when you get down to it, and you can practise final presentations here too. City Village Standard En-suites are perfect for you; with modern rooms, spacious social areas and don’t forget our Movie Rooms! Pre drinks in the communal kitchen obviously…Making the most of Freshers Week is what it is all about right?!

Mostly B? You are…. A Verde Study Legend!

You prefer your own space for studying and love your own company too. Sure, you love to have movie nights in and invite friends around, but only once the all-important deadlines and studying is out the way. Living in a studio at Verde is the ideal setting for you. Studying and achieving those all-important grades to help you pave your way in life at achieving your dream career is your main priority. Studios at Verde  are right up your street, with large living spaces and less distractions from the outside world. Having your own personal kitchen means no unusual smelling foods lingering in the fridge, living on before its best by date!

Ok you answered mostly C…. You are… The Vega  Almost Social Butterfly 3DIO

You like to socialise, but crowds can be a bit too much for you and you tend to enjoy time to yourself too. You may find the idea of living in a set of 6-8 roomed student accommodation a little bit overwhelming, so a stylish yet affordable 3DIO at Vega, London is ideal for you. The right blend of communal socialising spaces goes hand in hand with planning for personal study time in your room.  You also get the chance to flat share with your closest friends, and sure you don’t mind sharing bathrooms between the three of you!

Different types of Downing Student Accommodation- in a nutshell!

  • En-suite: stylish and contemporary shared apartments, complete large communal areas along with your own private bathroom en-suite. Our big beds are not only comfy, but double up as sneaky storage space underneath too. Don’t forget, this type of student accommodation has a study desk area- perfect for completing those all-important deadlines.
  • Studios: why be involved in the hustle and bustle of sharing a flat when you can use more time to study and smash those deadlines, in a studio of your own. You can meal prep and study all in one without the back and forth to the communal kitchen. Our studios are a very popular choice with Downing Students, blink and you will miss out!
  • 3DIO: Have you ever heard of a 3dio before? An affordable Downing Students 3DIO offers contemporary styled, living space, perfect for those returning students wanting to share a home with those close-knit friends. Sharing shower areas isn’t as chaotic as you may think, and helps save money too.

Whatever type of student accommodation you choose, Downing Student’s accommodation all have one thing in common. Central locations, grocery stores within walking distance and easy access to transport too. Weigh the pros and cons up of the different types of student accommodation by reading more here.

Added bonuses of living with Downing Student’s? All of our student accommodation are bills included, offer on-site laundry facilities and are safe and secure too, with regular 24/7 on site support.

If you are super excited to secure your student accommodation with us and cannot wait any longer then get in touch or even if you are spoilt for choice, we can help find you the perfect student accommodation! In the meantime, stay social, and see what we are up to! 

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