A Guide to Replying to your University Offers

By on April 24th, 2018


While you’ve sent off your UCAS application and waiting to hear back from your five chosen universities, here are a few things to consider when it comes to replying to your offers.

The difference between a ‘Firm Acceptance’ and ‘Insurance Acceptance’

You can accept a maximum of two offers – one firm and one insurance.

‘Firm’ is your first choice – the university you most want to go to. If you accept a conditional offer and meet the conditions (i.e. exam results) you will have a confirmed place here.

‘Insurance’ is your second choice – the university you would like to attend if you do not meet the conditions of your first choice. If this is a conditional offer you will still need to meet the conditions before your place here is confirmed.

What happens when I accept?

Once you accept an offer, you have entered a contract with that university – the university has agreed to accept you if you meet their conditions (if any) and you agree to attend the course. This is why it’s very important you are happy with the choice you make.

When do I need to reply to my offers?

You will need to reply to all of your offers at the same time – this doesn’t mean you have to rush to make a decision straight away. Just make sure to reply before the deadline date and give yourself enough time to reply carefully. Here you can find more information about the deadline dates.

What happens if I change my mind?

If you’ve accepted your offers in the last 14 days you can speak to a UCAS adviser about making changes to your replies. See the UCAS website here for more information.

What is a conditional offer?

A conditional offer means the university is willing to accept you if you meet the requirements – usually A-level grades / UCAS Tariff points. If this is the case and you have accepted a conditional offer, you will need to wait for results day to see if you have secured your place.

What does unconditional mean?

An unconditional offer means you’ve already met the entry requirements and the place is yours if you want it – congratulations! Just make sure to check if there is anything else you need to do as you might be required to get a DBS check, provide proof of your qualifications or meet financial/medical requirements.

By accepting an unconditional offer you’re committing to go to that university, so you won’t need to make an insurance choice or be entered into clearing.

What if I don’t get the grades?

If you don’t meet the requirements of your conditional offer, there is a possibility the university will still accept you or offer you an alternative.

If you don’t get a place on either your firm or insurance choice you can search through the UCAS Clearing service to see what courses still have vacancies.

When should I book student accommodation?

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