A Guide To Student Travel Discounts In The UK

By on August 12th, 2022


Benefits of Student Travel Discounts in the UK

Who doesn’t love a discount card! Especially when you are a student, and the cost of living is on the rise! Some of the best student travel discounts in the UK include travelling via train, tube, and bus. We want to help you save money so that you can enjoy student living with Downing Students as much as possible. So, we have put together our top tips to save money when travelling around the UK with student travel discounts.

Student Discount on Trains

travel discounts for students

You will be happy to hear that all cities home to Downing Student’s accommodation are situated in the best central locations with access to public transport links close by.

Including: London, Liverpool, Leeds, Coventry, Cambridge, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Exeter.

16-25 Railcard

If you’re between 16-25, good news! You can save money by applying for a railcard, saving 30% off train travel. This student travel card is ideal for students regularly travelling to and from university campuses, or those UK students that are looking to travel home at weekends.

How To Apply For A 16-25 Railcard

Just £30 a year, 16-25 railcards can be purchased either online or at staffed ticket stations. You can also buy your student travel card online, providing you download the Railcard app to access your 16-25 railcard. If you know you will be doing a lot of traveling over the next three years, a 3-year 16-25 railcard costs just £70.  All you need to do is purchase your railcard by having a valid debit card, valid UK driving license or international passport and a digital passport style photo to upload for your discount card.

16-17 Saver Railcard

Heading to college and not sure what transport methods to look at? You can save yourself 50% off all train travel by applying for a railcard. This includes season tickets, standard, off-peak and anytime travel. Ideal for travelling to campus, fun days out and even traveling home too.

How To Apply For A 16-17 Saver Railcard

To get your hands on a 16-17 travel card, you need to provide evidence of age, (national ID, passport, UK Driver’s License), have a good photo for ID purposes and finally a debit or credit card to secure your student travel card. TIP – if you move to university and you’re not quite 18, make sure you purchase one of these. It could be the month before your 18th birthday and it will see you through for 12 months with a 50% saving.

Coventry Student Travel Discounts

London Underground Student Discount

Staying with us at Vega London, The Lyra or Atlas for the 22/23 term? Make student living that much easier and benefit from student travel discounts UK. Or maybe you know friends who will be living in London and you plan to visit them, this saving can help you then.

18+ Student Oyster Card

Get yourself an oyster card for your student travel in and around London. You will save 30% with this student deal, providing you live in a London Borough during term time. An oyster card is super beneficial allowing you to buy discounted travelcards, bus and tram season tickets.

How To Apply For A 18+ Student Oyster Card

To get your 18+ oyster card, apply online by providing an email address, student enrolment ID, a London borough address and a digital photo.

16+ Zip Oyster Photocard

Fresh out of school or college? This one is for you! Get 50% off adult pay as you go fares on bus, Tube, DLR, London Overground, Elizabeth line (excluding between West Drayton and Reading) and most National Rail services in London.

How To Apply For A 16+ Zip Oyster Photocard

A parent or guardian is required to apply for an oyster card for students under the age of 18. If you are 18 or over, you will need to apply online and create a photocard in keeping with the 16+ zip oyster terms and conditions.

Coach Student Discount

Travelling by coach is considered one of the most low-cost ways of travelling. Sure, on some occasions it may take a little longer to travel, but using a young persons’ coach card will definitely help you save money – meaning you can focus more on studying and ultimately, enjoying student life!

Young Persons’ Coach card

For just £12.50 for the year or £30 for three years, you will save a third of the price on coach travel on standard and fully flexible fares. Even better, you will save money travelling to events and festivals too – winner!

London Student Travel Discounts

How To Apply For A Young Persons Coach card

A young persons’ coach card can be purchased using the online registration form, with the travel card then delivered to your home address within 7 days. Alternatively, you can call National Express who can arrive delivery of your student travel card for you.

With student living throughout the UK, Downing Students accommodation is located within the best city central locations to ensure our students have easy access to nearby transport links for student travel. Take Vega London for example, a quick 5-minute walk away from Vauxhall Underground.

Looking to study at University of Warwick, Coventry? You are in luck! When you book your next home away from home at City Village  student living you get a FREE, yes FREE bus pass! Hurry, this offer won’t be around for much longer!

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