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By on May 11th, 2023


Moving Out Checklist - Downing Students

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Moving out of student accommodation can be an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience. Whether you are finishing final year or you are staying in PBSA  with friends for next year, planning ahead can make things so much easier. We have put together this guide to help make the moving out process run smoothly.

Start early

Start preparing for the move out early. Our recommendation is to begin with a good spring clean. Go through all of your items and box up the items you want to keep and those you know you no longer require.

Create a checklist!

Using a checklist will help to cover all bases and make sure you don’t leave any of your belongings behind. These will help you slowly declutter your space depending on the volume of your belongings. Save and use the below for reference and you can’t go wrong.


Pack anything you don’t need first. Pictures, decorations, and personal belongings that you won’t be using again to free up space. You can then prepare for a full spring clean of your bedroom, covering all these areas. Make sure you check every drawer and cupboard when moving. For example, all Downing Students’ rooms feature tons of storage space, so make sure nothing is left behind on move-out day.

living & Kitchen areas

If you are in a shared flat, you and your flatmates can make spring cleaning easier by sharing what needs doing in the kitchen and living room areas. Put on a power playlist on and smash through some of these to-dos as you go. If you are moving out with kitchen items, make sure anything sharp is packed securely in bubble wrap and boxes.


Living Room Moving Out Checklist Downing Students

Bathroom Moving Out Checklist Downing Students


Use only your day-to-day toiletries and pack away anything you won’t need in the build up to move out. If it could leak or spill, wrap it in cling film or seal it in a plastic bag. Half empty bottles of shower gel and shampoo? Get rid! Once you declutter your en-suite, you will be able to keep on top of cleaning, with less to do when you are checking out of your student accommodation.



Donations and charity shops

If possible donate your unwanted items to a local charity shop or make your friends / neighbours aware of the items you no longer want. Friends may love the items you no longer require and charity shops are always  happy to receive donations. Your university would also be happy to receive unwanted books.

Deep Clean

Once you have decluttered and removed any unwanted items do a deep clean of your apartment and shared living spaces. This means it won’t be as a big a job when it comes to cleaning before you move out.

Trust those reusable bags

Put the many bags for life and trusty blue IKEA bags to good use. Having as stash of these will pay off massively at moving time. Especially for dirty laundry and course books during your university time.

Redirect mail

Make sure  sure you update your mailing address to redirect your mail when you leave.

Downing Students Moving Out Checklist

Packing Away Clothes


Home may be too far when you are in the transition of moving from home to university so you will need a place to store your belongings. Here are some storage companies to look at.

Kit KeeperUK based storage company make storage  and shipping as easy as possible for students and offer an exclusive 10% off to Downing Students’ residents when placing an order for storage. Message for more information @downing_students

Love Spacea great company that offer help with storage, packing and removals across the UK.

Seven Seasoffering removals and storage worldwide, ideal for international students moving to and from home.  

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