Student Living Expenses in the UK

By on August 26th, 2022


Student Living Expenses in the UK

Managing money isn’t easy, especially when you are off to university. Most of us are thinking about our financial health at the moment, including student living costs in the UK. For many, it will be your first time managing your own finances- so remember not to spend that first student loan hit all in one go- we have all been tempted!


Student Living Expenses in the UK- Priorities first!


Identify your student living expenses from the get go. Tuition fees, accommodation cost, living costs and course materials.




Creating a weekly budget can allow your money to go further, keeping an eye on where your money is coming from and going to. This will help avoid any overspending, leaving you feeling confident on what you do spend, and the chance to enjoy yourself more too! Budgeting at university can also help your future too, allowing you to plan with ease.


Part time jobs


Student living costs in the UK may seem overwhelming, but whatever you do try to avoid getting an overdraft or payday loan. It may seem like a quick fix, but in the long run they are a lot harder to get out of. Instead, opt for a student savings account. Many students fit part time jobs around university to help cover living expenses and saving money for extra financial support too.

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What Do Students Spend Most Of Their Money On?


Student finance usually takes care of tuition fees and accommodation cost, with a little extra for study supplies too. Once this is covered, most student living expenses include: social activities, food and travel costs.


Transport Around Your Student City


When it comes from getting from A to B, try to plan ahead of your journey. Booking early train or bus tickets means cheaper travel costs, and we know some of the best travel discount hacks you can read more on here. Set aside a dedicated amount for things such as: petrol, Ubers- for nights out and day to day travelling to campus. For more information on saving on transport as a student read our guide to student travel discounts.


Course Materials


Stationary- buying in bulk can help save money on those course costs! Look on the high street in stores such as Poundland and Wilkos for some affordable notepads, post it notes and pens.


Reading lists- the cost of supplies can add up quickly, but make use of those University libraries and even see if you can get second hand textbooks on Ebay.


Online resources- with the digital world evolving, there are more online resources than ever. Take advantage of relevant resources your university provides, and look out for useful webinars too.


Swap Shops- keep an eye out for your nearest swap shops- a great chance to exchange all things books, clothing, accessories and living items too. Our Downing Student Swap Shops are always a great success, with so many students going home with new found items! Stay posted for this year’s swap shops… coming soon.


Social Apps- social media is a great place to find some hidden second-hand bargains. Apps such as Depop, Vinted and Freecycle are great platforms you can and buy and sell pre-loved items from.




Thinking about what meals to have on the daily is just another part of adult life that nobody warned us about. There are so many TikTok recipes you can follow @ymooug puts together great meal prep ideas! If you can share the food shop with flatmates, this can help you all save on living costs, especially if you take cash rather than opt for Apple Pay.


What Additional Expenses Might You Come Across?


If you can avoid any unnecessary costs while budgeting at university, do so. For example, if you don’t watch live TV, you can avoid a TV license by using Youtube. Or, opting for a Netflix subscription- with so much more to watch! Avoid those treat yourself Starbucks and make your coffee at home.





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