Student Veganuary: Being Vegan On A Budget

By on January 13th, 2023


Vegan On A Budget

Looking to improve your health and wellbeing this year? You may even be doing Veganuary as we speak. Vegan diets are on the rise, and it comes as no surprise when there are so many amazing benefits. Here we have put together our top tips on being vegan on a budget whilst at university.

student being vegan on a budget this Veganuary at downing students

Benefits of eating vegan

  • Rich in nutrients- you can get all the important nutrients you need to stay healthy from a balanced vegan diet
  • Increases your mood and can improve your sleeping pattern
  • Lower risk of illness-plant-based foods are packed with phytochemicals which can reduce our risk of disease and lower blood pressure
  • Protect the environment- veganism reduces carbon emissions, reduces energy consumption, saves water and reduces deforestation
  • Healthy Skin – too much dairy in your diet can actually cause skins issues, whereas more fruit and vegetables provide you with the vitamins and antioxidants you need.


Try Meat Free Days

Meat free Mondays is a good routine to begin with to try veganism without committing fulltime to Veganuary.

How To Build a Budget Shopping List

There are so many tasty vegan meals and snacks you can enjoy and below are a few budget meal ideas that will give you an idea on what kind of the items you need from your grocery shopping trip for your plant-based diet.

  • Stir fries
  • Burrito bowls
  • Vegan Burgers
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Smoothies
  • Pasta dishes

Finding Affordable Vegan Options

 You can find a wide selection of affordable vegan food items in:

  • Supermarkets- like typical grocery items, keep an eye out for discounted items to help save money.
  • Online Retailers- here you can find lots of online exclusive items, starting with Vegan Store & The Vegan Kind.

Learn what products are vegan

Did you know there are so many popular snacks (some of our favourites too) that are vegan? Oreos, Party Rings, Jammie Dodgers, Hula Hoops, Walker’s Prawn Cocktail crisps, Fruit Pastilles, Ritz crackers and Skips, the list goes on! Snacks you won’t even have to compromise during a vegan diet shopping trip.

Types of Vegan Produce

Whole Foods


  • Grains – rely on store own brands and economy sized bags and boxes of rice and whole wheat pasta
  • Nuts and seeds – cost effective when purchased in bulk and freeze well too
  • Beans & Legumes – dried over canned is the more affordable option.
  • Fruit & Vegetables – source these when in season and at local markets for affordable produce.


Fresh vs Frozen

Fresh Produce


Visit your local markets for good quality fruit and vegetable produce and at affordable prices too. When items are close to going off, you can slice, dice and de-seed items to freeze for up to two months.


Frozen Fruit and Vegetables


On your shopping trip, look out for frozen fruit, berries, herbs and vegetables in the frozen sections. Frozen fruit is perfect for making healthy smoothies for a productive day ahead. Looking for tasty inspiration? Take a look at The Arch, Liverpool resident Harry’s self-care routine.


tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers being cut up in Veganuary
Students cooking together during Veganuary

Stock Up On Staples

Bulk-buy to get maximum savings. Look for the bigger, cheaper bags of goods. Items will keep in your cupboards, or you can freeze fresh items.


Resist ‘vegan’ labelled products

 If you are looking to save money, avoid items specifically labelled ‘vegan’, especially if being vegan on a budget is new to you. Avoid ‘vegan ready meals’, ‘cheese alternatives’ and consider fresh produce instead.


By being prepared and cooking for yourself you can easily save money. Preparing your own meals also allows you to be aware of exactly what’s in your plant-based diet. For eco-friendly tips whilst in the kitchen, read more here.

Finally, 3 accounts to follow

@veganrecipies – for great vegan recipes to follow

recipes – on how to live a vegan lifestyle

@thevegankind – subscription boxes for the perfect vegan treats

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